How to make a brochure using online template

How to create effective introduction materials

Whenever Marimba team explains to a potential user, we had this kind of conversation very often.

“Marimba is a brand new real time collaboration tool which combines a whiteboard with a video call.”

“Oh, that is great. Do you have a brochure?”

Most potential customers request a product brochure.
They want to know more in details about our product.

And obviously we do not want to miss this great chance!

📌 What you need to consider before you make a product brochure.

 ✔️ For what target users with what purpose you make the brochure
✔️ Due date
✔️ Format(Video clip, brochure or presentation) and quantity
✔️ Contents (history, concept, characteristics, use case or URL)

📌 When you create a brochure, whom should be involved.

 ✔️ A product manager who can describe the direction of the product and characteristics
 ✔️ A product designer who can design the brochure
 ✔️ A marketer who needs to write contents on the brochure

👉 Marimba team has made a product brochure from Marimba board.

Where there was a conference about collaboration tool, Marimba team had to create a brochure for customers coming to the booth at a conference.

It is not easy to create the brochure because it is about the first impression of the product. And also, the brochure size is usually small. You need to have a concrete explanation about the product on it.

To do this, we used Marimba to gather ideas first. And then we invited all the team members and did a great meeting to decide the contents. Let us tell you a process more in details.

1. A marketer creates a board for a product brochure
2. Write down a brief schedule, purpose and target users on your pads.
🍯 Use text style to emphasize a certain contents.
3. PMs and Designers start a video call and set up the timer 15 minutes.
Start ideation and use sticker to express your feelings more freely. 😍
4. Before the due date, each member has some time by him or herself
and then we prepares for the contents for the team.
5. A marketer request a final design based on the feedback from everyone.
🍯 Use lock function to protect contents not to be deleted in accident
by other people. You can unlock again when you need to modify.
6. Embed a Figma link to share your design
7. Schedule a meeting for the final review and all the team members
start a video on time, and review the design.
(If you have further modification, go back to #5 and do the activity again. 💪
Unless you have more modification, the brochure is completed. 🙌
Example Image of Brochure Design Template by Marimba 1
Example Image of Brochure Design Template by Marimba 2