How to make a brochure using online template

How to create effective introduction materials

What is a brochure?

A brochure is an informational paper document generally used for promotional or advertising purposes. It gives customers summary of information about a product or service. It can be useful for businesses and companies to earn new opportunities to engage with future customers, raise brand awareness and promote their products. Also referred to as pamphlets, templates, or leaflets, brochures are usually folded into different shapes. Pamphlets are normally used for non-commercial purposes and generally have more words.

Best way to design a brochure

Most potential customers request a product brochure.
Most common format of a brochure is a bi-fold brochure. Bi-fold brochure is created by simply folding the brochure into two equal halves, which gives you total of four panels including the front and back cover with two internal panels to display the contents.

To design an attractive brochure, remember to include key elements as below:

  • Basic information of your service/product
  • Your product’s name and slogan with company’s vision
  • Why do customer use our product
  • Our very own values and key features
  • How to use our product and use cases
  • Website address, contact information
  • Behind the scene of your product’s beginning

Step by step guide for using brochure template

How Team Marimba creates product brochure? Check out how Team Marimba created our own brochure for sales event.

  1. Create board for all team members to join.
  2. Write down all materials that we need for meetings; purpose and goal, budget, etc. Add different styles to your texts to make them appear visually more effective.
  3. Start video call and set a time frame of the meeting with timer. During the call, use animojis when giving feedbacks to your colleagues. Give smiley face sticker to teammates to express you think they have done great job.
  4. Once schedules and tasks are fixed, each team member will be working on his/her own assignment. Since our board is infinite, we don’t need to leave the board; stay in one place and work together right away!
  5. Along the way, numerous changes and adjustments can be made on your plans and designs. Don’t forget to ‘lock’ what was determined at the meeting. You can ‘unlock’ it whenever you want to edit again.
  6. Designer shares final work by embedding Figma link.
  7. Final meeting to confirm the design work for our own brochure!

Tips for designing a brochure

Team Marimba’s Tips for Designing a Brochure

1. Text Style

Highlight what you want to emphasize with colorful text styles.

2. Image

Add image from your local drive. Simply drag&drop or find the icon on toolbar. (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, WebP) Up to 30 images can be added at once. If you put image onto Structured Pad, size of the image will be automatically adjusted.

3. Sticker

When you’re love 😍, unhappy 😡, shocked 😮, not sure 🤔.. express your feeling with sticker!

4. Lock/ Unlock

‘Lock’ it if you’re done editing so that others can’t delete by mistake.

5. Embed Link

Copy the original link to YouTube, Google, Figma, etc. and paste it to board. Everyone will be on the same page without switching apps.

Example Image of Brochure Design Template by Marimba 1
Example Image of Brochure Design Template by Marimba 2