Daily Standup

Essential items for remote work

What is a daily standup? 

Daily standup is a meeting that every one of the team comes together to share what’s being processed now and prioritize new issues. This can be the opportunity to align the team and sync everyone up on the previous and upcoming work. These meetings last about 15 minutes and allow each contributor to report on his or her accomplishments. The key is to make sure that everyone is aware of the team’s direction. We can also call daily standup standup meeting, daily sync, daily scrum, agile standup, check-in, etc.

What is the purpose of daily standup meeting in agile?

The main reason why teams run daily standup is to be on the same page. Daily standup helps the team be aligned with their goal and can be a great way to remind where they are, what everyone else is doing and where they can go next. It can also provide opportunities to quickly catch up with each other and interact whether they are at remote environment or a physical office space. By doing so, building trust and understanding team spirit can be possible. It’s good to do this daily basis, especially in agile, because speed and knowing what’s going on is important.

What are the benefits of daily standup meeting?

Most profound benefits of doing daily standup is that it saves time and improves the sense of a common goal within the team. It can also reduce hangups or roadblocks by providing transparent communication and collaboration. With less chance of having risks of misunderstanding team members are set to tackle and concentrate on their own important tasks.

Example Image of Daily Standup Template by Marimba

Step by Step Guide for Daily Standup for remote teams

How Team Marimba’s running a daily standup

We were no exception in this new era of pandemic; Team Marimba has been working remotely more often than ever! We run our own quick daily standup in the morning with the whole team online. When doing standups, we prefer to divide the team members into groups by their roles and most importantly, we use Marimba’s pre-made daily standup template!

These are the 3 basic questions of daily standup that your team should be ready to address

  • What we did on yesterday
  • What we are going to do today
  • What is blocking the way

During the daily standup, everyone in Team Marimba writes down what he or she’s working on using sticky notes and add whatever they need to share with the rest of team on the template such as leave note, additional questions, suggestions etc. When everyone is finally ready to start the standup, we set the timer on and begin the process!

Tips for using Daily Standup Template

Team Marimba’s tip for using daily standup template

1. Timer

Set up a timer for managing you and your teammate’s precious time. You’ll come up with creative ideas even in a short time frame.

2. Embed Link

Copy the original link to YouTube, Google, Figma, etc. and paste it to board. Everyone will be on the same page without switching apps.

3. Duplicate Board

Since daily standup is a recurring meeting, you can simply duplicate the board.