Design review tool

For better consensus of planning

“Oh😅, that wasn’t my intention…”

Do you say this often to your team members when you work as a designer?
It happens occasionally especially when you find your design does not fit
the product direction or the development feasibility. It will put you in pain
as soon as it happens.

If you do not want to see this problem again, the best way is delivering your design intention to your team in time at the earliest stage with a proper way.
To achieve this goal, a design review is the perfect meeting. 🤓

What is the design review?

Design review is an event in which a designer explains what they have designed to your team members and get feedback from them.

Product managers and developers should participate in and need to provide feedback at their perspectives.

  1. Does this scenario fit the target user(Persona) needs?
  2. Does this design have any cognitive or usability issues?
  3. Is this design coming along with the product vision and direction?
  4. Is this design feasible to develop? 

Before the design is completed, it is very important to review with your team members even at the early stage with a draft.

It will give you a chance to modify your design earlier based on the feedback from your team members.

Example Image of Design Review by Marimba 1
Example Image of Design Review by Marimba 2

A design review is not the end of design. Instead, it is a progress to find consensus among all the different roles of your team. As a team, you can build mutual respects through this event. 👍

With different perspectives based on your role, a lot more rigid design can come out as outcome from this meeting.

A practical way to do a design review in Marimba development team

A designer schedules the meeting and prepares for the design review. This meeting does not require everyone’s participation. But at least one person from different roles needs to be in the meeting. And also we recommend using one board to share everything during the meeting.

1. Create a board for design review
2. Use one pad for each item to be reviewed. Add why you need to have
this feature on that pad. And if there is any thing to discuss,
put it on the pad as well.
3. Put your design image on your pad and lock it.
4. Notify your meeting schedule and gather your team members
on your board and start video call.
5. Set up the timer and start the meeting.
Explain what the designer has prepared.
6. Participants freely write what they have as questions or issues
on sticky notes anytime. If there is any technical thing to discuss,
you can put on the sticky note too.
7. After explanation, a designer can ask questions about comments participants
remained during the session. And end the meeting.
8. Define what to change and what not to change and reflect on your design.
9. If you need another design review, you can schedule it.
Otherwise, the meeting is over.