Design review tool

For better consensus of planning

What is a Design Review?

Design review is a form of a meeting where relevant team members gather to review and share feedbacks on a product during the product development stage. Normally, PMs and developers are the main participants of a design review and all participants give and receive feedback about the design.

If designers, PMs, and developers are not in alignment with what’s being presented at the review meeting, designers normally repeat the process of revision until all parties reach agreement on the result. In order to minimize time waste and resource management, it is very important to remember to do design review in the early stages of a production. By doing so, designers can deliver and share their design intentions better with the rest of the team, thus all can work in harmony.

Design Review Process

General design review process

1. Schedule a meeting. PMs and developers are essential participants.

2. Designer present the design and the plans.

3. Planners and developers ask on behalf of each role and deliver feedback.

4. Designer put together all the feedbacks given during the review session and discuss in detail.

5. Designers apply and make adjustments to their work based on what has been drawn from the review.

Design review could be repeated several times.

What makes a good design review?

To make a good design review, check these items when you’re planning a meeting.

1. Target user, persona, and product scenario suitability.

2. Issues in terms of cognitive and usability.

3. From PM’s point of view, the direction of our product and the suitability of the planning and design.

4. From the developer’s point of view, the possibility of implementation and expected development difficulty.

Example Image of Design Review by Marimba 1
Example Image of Design Review by Marimba 2

Step by Step Guide to Create Design Review

To review the design in real-time with all related parties, gather everything together on one single board.

1. Create a board for the design review.

2. Write down the objectives and items that needs to be covered on pads.

3. Put the images of design along the pad and lock the items.

4. Invite participants to the review board and start the meeting promptly.

5. Designer gives presentation to the team.

6. While designer is presenting, rest of the team leaves feedback and question as freely with sticky notes.

7. After designer’s pitch, have detailed discussion with

8. Divide the opinions into two subsets: whether if it should be applied or not.

9. Complete the design. If needed, arrange next review.

Tips for using Design Review Template

Team Marimba’s tips using Design Review Template

1. Sticky note

Add sticky note from toolbar and distinguish them by color.

2. Lock/ Position Lock

If you want to lock your board from moving, use ‘Position Lock’ to pin them. You can still put some shapes and write on it. ‘Lock’ it if you’re done editing so that others can’t delete by mistake.

3. Timer

Set up a timer for managing you and your teammate’s precious time. You’ll come up with creative ideas even in a short time frame.