Event Planning Guide

How to plan an event effectively

Everyone loves events!

Marketers and event organizers plan various events like meetings, conventions, trade shows, ceremony, retreats, or even parties to promote products and engage with future customers to make them fall in love with them! In these events, marketers and event organizers aim to attract public’s attention and lock them in by making the occasion as special, memorable and informative as possible. Planning and organizing an event is not an easy process, but here we want to share some tips on how to make it simple and effective.

Organizing an event start from asking fundamental questions like ‘What should we target for?’, ‘What are the key concepts?, ‘How long should the event take place?’ or ‘How much budget do we have?’

It can be overwhelming sometimes because there are so many things to research and prepare for. But, wouldn’t it be nice if there’s a tool that we could use to gather all the information and thoughts in one place and start seeing a bigger picture to ideate, brainstorm, evaluate and revise with our colleagues?

Online whiteboard-based collaboration tool, Marimba is your trustful champion when it comes to planning and preparing fun and thrilling events that we all dream about.

How to plan an event?

Event Planning Manual

There is no such thing as one absolute guide or manual for planning an event. We sometimes can collect ideas and inspirations from random conversations. We are free to take any direction that works for each of our purpose and occasion as long as we keep reminding ourselves of important elements listed as below:

  • Research and goal setting
  • Brainstorm for ideas
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Design review
  • Web page development
  • Criteria for winning
  • Rewards (What & How to deliver)
  • Event management plan

Step by Step Guide for using Event Planning Template

How Team Marimba plan our event!

When planning an event, a product marketer is usually in charge and lead the process. But, nothing exceptional can be done without your brilliant team members!

It doesn’t matter if your teams are working in a remote conditions. There’s no where like Marimba for distributed teams to collaborate and be in sync with each other! We do everything from brainstorm to finalization of our project all on the Marimba whiteboard. Here are some basic step-by-step guide on how to use Marimba’s event planning template for your own projects:

1. Create a board for our event to start the process.

2. Write down all materials that we need for a quick meetings such as purpose, goal, budget, timeline of the event etc., using pad and sticky notes.

3. Use video call by one simple click for a conversation with the teammates.

4. Set a timer for additional ideas and feedback during the video call.

5. Express feelings, appreciation of our colleague’s brilliant ideas or send compliments to them using Animoji.

6. Lock what was determined at the meeting.

7. Revise and reorganize what’s been discussed during the meeting and finalize our plan!

Tips for using Event Planning

Team Marimba’s Event planning tips!

1. Video call & Animoji

Online meeting can be so much efficient even we’re not in a same conference room in person. Start video call on the board without switching apps!

Don’t forget to use some Animoji during the call: You’ll be extra cuter.

2. Timer

Set up a timer for managing you and your teammate’s precious time. You’ll come up with creative ideas even in a short time frame.

3. Lock/ Position Lock

Lock If you want to lock your board from moving, use ‘Position Lock’ to pin them. You can still put some shapes and write on it. ‘Lock’ it if you’re done editing so that others can’t delete by mistake.

Example Image of Marketing Event Planning Tips by Marimba 1
Example Image of Marketing Event Planning Tips by Marimba 2