Event planning guide

How to plan an event effectively

Having a good event is one of the most important things for a product marketing.
This is a great way to expose our product to new customers and to make them smile about our product.

BUT! this is such a hard work for product marketers. There are so many questions you need to take care of like followings before that.

What kind of event would be the most effective under what situation and we need to prepare for the event for what target users. How much budget you have? What design and development should be coming along with the event? What kind of reward we need to prepare? How are we going to pay for the reward?

If you have one board where you can put everything related to this event, you can brainstorm with your maximum imagination first, then you can organize and share the outcome for your team.

Example Image of Marketing Event Planning by Marimba 1
Example Image of Marketing Event Planning by Marimba 2

👉 How we prepare for the event in Marimba team?

A marketer will be mainly preparing for the event but he or she needs to get some good help from every role in the team.

Marimba team uses Marimba to prepare for this from the start to the end. It is a great way to share outcomes with your team members anytime.

1. A marketer prepares a board for the event.
2. Write down the purpose of the event, agenda, timeline or budget
on your pads and sticky notes.
3. Start your video call at the event time, wait for the other team members
to join
4. A marketer sets up the timer (10 minutes) and gather more event ideas
from everyone.
5. Use Animoji to express your feeling more freely.
6. Use lock function to freeze your items if your team made a decision.
After locking items, other members cannot modify or delete them.
7. After finishing the meeting, organize how to manage the event more
in details and share the board link with other people.