How to create an annual marketing plan

Yearly marketing plan to share with the team!

What is an annual marketing plan?

An annual marketing plan is a road map of the year’s marketing strategy. It generally contains goals and priorities your team wants to achieve in the upcoming year. Planning annual marketing plan can be the key to a fruitful year because you can use it as a blueprint for your teams and companies to follow.

What is the 7 elements of a marketing plan?

There are certain elements in a marketing plan that must be addressed properly in order for teams to reach their goals. It is called the 7 elements of a marketing plan and it includes product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical.

1. Product: How can you make your products or services better?

2. Price: How can we change our pricing model?

3. Place: What new distribution channels are there for customers to experience our product? It can be online, mobile, etc.

4. Promotion: How can we add to or substitute the combination within paid, owned and earned media channels?

5. People: Who are our people and are there skills gaps?

6. Process: Are there internal process barriers in the way to delivering the best customer value?

7. Physical: How we reassure our customers?

How to write an annual marketing plan?

1. Start with Market Research

The foundation of your marketing plan is how well you understand your market. Start with learning the market first.

2. Assess Your Market Situation

Find out who your competitors are, and where your brand stands within the market. When you know where you stand, it’s a lot easier to create practical goals and priorities.

3. Set Your Marketing Goals

Be clear about what your marketing goals are. Evaluate your goals against the latest marketplace realities and try to come up with what can be done next. Be concise and specific.

4. Know Where You’ve Failed

Learn from your mistake. Don’t be hesitant to revisit your previous mistakes and errors. It can only help you get better!

5. Establish Your Marketing KPIs

One of the benefits of creating an annual marketing plan is that it gives you an opportunity to review and refine the current parameters and assumptions you are using for your goals. Establish KPI’s which is aligned to and indicative of your business and marketing goals you’re trying to reach.

Tips for Writing Annual Marketing Plan

Team Marimba’s Tips for Writing Annual Marketing Plan

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2. Template

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3. Sticker

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4. Embed Link

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