How to create an annual marketing plan

Yearly marketing plan to share with the team!

It is usual that product people are packed with tons of information. Sometimes your vision and missions can be vague by all the issues and temporary distractions around you.

When you need to see through things more clearly, you can always check out annual plan that you put on the Marimba board. The board will guide you to see your direction and where to focus on.

👉 Annual marketing plan

Find out how Marimba team makes an annual plan from Marimba board.

1. To make the plan more meaningful and to be committed by your team,
you can invite your team members to the board and start a video call
to explain in details. Talk about goal, budget and event theme during the
meeting. Brainstorm idea freely and organize information on the pad.
2. When you plan, you must need a calendar. Marimba already has a good diary
for your team. Click on the template icon and get the Calendar template on
your board within a second
. Based on 1 year period of time, you can put
more specific plan on the calendar.
3. An annual calendar is not complicated to fill in at all.
As long as contents are easy to understand, you can make them more
meaningful. Using stickers and drawing, make your own calendar.
4. You can also put your budgeting document on your board.
Just embed the spread sheet from google workspace.
Example Image of Marketing Planning Template by Marimba