How to create a Mood Board online

Get a design concept that fits the direction, personality, and image of our product!

Preparing for a mood board is an important task for a designer.👩‍🎨

It is an activity to show the design concept and image strongly related to the product direction. Of course, if you already have a proven concept, you do not need to go through this step.

Usually you need to draw this at the early stage of the project.
Once you have the mood board, you can update whenever you need.

So we recommend you to put everything on one board.
This is the easiest way to catch up the mood board evolution. 

The process of making a mood board


  1. Gather all the items(Image, Text, Pictures and Music) that can give you an inspiration.
  2. Gather recent information related to the user group and your competitors.


  1. Work closely with your team members and organize ideas, make the product design concept.
  2. Discuss on any idea such as colors, fonts, images or illustrations, and sketch.

Organize and conceptualize

  1. Review the idea sketch and discuss the design concept
  2. Organize the mood board with all the items we already have on the board
  3. Use the mood board and share the design concept with your team members 

It must be easy to be shown too complicated because you have to deal with much information.

Effective ways to organize your Mood board

  1. Organize Logically
  2. Emphasize an important item with bold or different size fonts.
  3. Have a similar tone and manner.
  4. Use concrete and simple sentences. 

Example Image of Moodboard by Marimba 1
Example Image of Moodboard by Marimba 2

Practical ways of a mood board in Marimba development team

1. Create a new mood board in Marimba.
Put every image or content the you gathered for inspiration.
2. Try to express your feeling on your board

Analyze, Organize and conceptualize your thought
1. Start a video call with your team members.
Explain what you have on your mood board and improve your idea.
2. Try to have more sample images and have 1 to 3 concepts of the product.
3. Agree with the due date until when the concept should be designed.
4. Decide what is the design concept and update your mood board
with your outcomes

Share and feedback
1. Have a meeting to share with all the members in your team.
Explain your mood board from the start to the end.
Explain the design concept as well
2. Use sticky notes, sticker, and pen to get more feedback from your team.
If the improvement needs to happen, the designer modifies and have
the same kind of meeting again.
3. Even during the product this mood board should be revisited and updated.