How To Study with Friends Online

Online study, no need to run multiple programs, just one marimba!

What is the best way to learn a new thing? ‘Study club’ is the best way to do it because you can meet with passionate people about the subject you are interested in. 

Marimba will help you to study more effectively in your club. 😎

Marimba for your online study club

Prep for study

1. One, gather your team members.

2. Create a workspace for online study, invite club members to the workspace.

3. Create a board and write a schedule, ways of work and ground rules on your board.

4. Add a calendar on your board and mark when you meet for the study club. If some members are not available on the special date, mark it too. 

🍯 Tip!!

On the toolbar, click on a template button and choose a calendar.

5. Start your first meeting on your date and time.

Start the study

1. Share the amount of the contents everyone needs to study before the meeting.

2. If there is any assignment that everyone needs to do before the meeting, take a photo or capture it and put it on the board for everyone.

🍯 Tip!!

If you write the contents on several pads in order, you can click on the pad title on the pad index to move to the pad very quickly.

Organize by the order of dates or members. This way you can find things more easily.
Example Image of Online English Study by Marimba

3. Everyone starts a video call on the date & time for the study.

4. Use a calendar to check attendancy and check participation rate. (Maybe you can give some present for people who participate mostly)

5. Review each other’s assignment and lead the meeting (Use stickers or anymojis for reacting)

6. If you want to use Youtube material, put it on the board in advance.

🍯 Tip!!

Click on the link button on your toolbar, copy a youtube URL and paste it on the blank. You will see the preview too.

7. If you add sometime to discuss more freely, the meeting can be more effective.

Example Image of Online Group Study by Marimba