How to make retrospectives fun?

Looking back with a new perspective

If you use the same retrospective style over and over again, this meaningful team activity can be boring after all.

Marimba team would like to suggest fun retrospective ideas for remote teams. Here’s several different styles of retrospective to you. Let’s do more funretro!

Fun retrospective ideas for remote teams!

📐 Life time drawing retrospective 📐

Share your emotional graph during a long period of time with your team members.
Marimba team usually does this activity at the end of the year or at the end of a milestone.

If your graph goes up, this means you are in a good mood. 😍 And if your graph goes down, it means you are in a bad mood. 😡

Show how you felt at specific moment and tell your team members to get things more improved. Through this conversation, you will feel more empathy of your feelings and work.

Example Image of Fun Retrospective (Life Graph) Template by Marimba
  1. Facilitator of your retrospective choose a template and write the period of time on the x-axis
  2. Count the number of people and put the pad with the number. That means each has one pad.
  3. Draw your emotional graph with a pen. Use 🎉stickers or sticky notes to express your feelings and comments.
  4. Start video call and take a turn to share the contents with your team members. 😆
    Express emotion to each other using Animoji.

🔥 Fire Place retrospective🔥

Do you still remember your youth when you were sitting in front of fire place and had small talk with your friends or family. 🔥 Fire place is an exactly same thing from that memory. It is very simple to prepare but very effective. 🍡😋💕

Example Image of Fun Retrospective (Campfire)Template by Marimba
  1. Create one pad and put fire GIF file on the center of the pad. 🙂
  2. Write down any subject on the sticky notes you want to talk with your team members.
  3. Take a turn and after good talks remove the sticky notes just like you throw it to the file place.
  4. If there is anything to add on the conversation, do not hesitate!

🎲 Game retrospective 🎲

Good bye, banal retrospective! It’s time to start with a fun retrospective game~👾👾

Example Image of Fun Retrospective (Board Game)Template by Marimba

This is a good way to do it when you need a fun and interesting retrospective like a board game. You don’t need to limit yourself to the preset format, you can share your opinions depending on the result of dice game 🎲.

Example Image of Fun Retrospective (Board Game_Lucky Draw)Template by Marimba

Of course, it’s not a game if we’re just talking about the work, right? So, we have prepared a lucky draw between themes. Experience the thrilling retrospective that you don’t know what kind of lucks🎁 and penalties🃏 will come 😋 💕

  1. Before starting, the host sets the 🍀Lucky Draw🍀 for the team in advance.
  2. Each player chooses his/her piece and moves it to the starting point.
  3. Decide the order, roll the dice and move by the number shown on the dice.
  4. Talk about the topic in the space you arrive at.
    If you arrive at the lucky draw box, select only one hidden lucky draw sticky note and click ‘View👀’.
  5. Write down the contents of each discussion on the [Retro wrap-up] pads on the right.
  6. The game proceeds so that one person has three or four chances to return, and the retrospective ends after confirming that there is nothing else to talk about.

Sailboat retrospective ⛵

The Sailboat retrospective is one of the favorites from Marimba team because we find it to be a good way for the team to think individually, and then collaborate to define solutions for each problem through visualization.

Visualization helps the team to more easily figure out what problems they should solve by themselves, and what problems needs to be solved through collaboration between the team members, and what they need to ask management to help with.

Example Image of Fun Retrospective (Sailboat) Template by Marimba
  1. A facilitator creates a board by using Sailboat template in Marimba
  2. Write about the following 4 things, each item on a separate sticky note. Port means our goal. Wind means supports our team is having. Anchor is our current issue. And Rocks are something will occur soon as a problem.
    • 🏝 Port: our goal
    • 💨 Wind: supports our team is having
    • ⚓️ Anchor: our current issue
    • 🪨 Rock: something will occur soon as a problem
  3. Check out the contents and come up with action items.

All of the above retrospective templates are available from marimba for free. Start a fun retrospective activity right now!