How to Prepare PBL Lesson Online?

Non-face-to-face practice assignments can also be conducted more easily and more effectively 😉

You can make a great online learning with lots of interactions.

People say that the most effective way of learning is ‘Learn by doing’.

For this reason, PBL(project based learning) has been gaining more and more popularity these days.

💡What is PBL?

It is one of the problem solving practices. You can learn how to find a right problem first and to suggest good alternatives, to execute policies and to analyze the problem.
By this approach, people can learn a problem solving ability, self leading learning and collaborative mindset. This also can lead them to have motivation for understanding the context of the problem and consume the knowledge out of that understanding.   
But learners might be unfamiliar with the PBL methodology. Under this circumstance, having a trained instructor or coach can be a necessary thing to come up with a good solution to the problem. Also, sometimes you might realize you do not have enough time for discussion or presentation. You need to figure out how to spend your time more efficiently.

So then, how can you prepare for this PBL online? It is even more difficult than having it offline.

Marimba will facilitate you to have the most effective online training course with PBL just as you did great offline before.

Marimba will bring you the best team project experience


1. Create a workspace for your team project activity

2. Create one section for each team and create a board for the team in the created team section

🍯 Tip!!

If you add each team name or number of team members, your trainees can find their teams in no time.
If you already made boards in another workspace, copy and paste it in your current workspace.

3. Prepare for the common board for everyone and write brief training guidelines on the board.

🍯 Tip!!

Sending board links and the list of the members to your trainees in advance will help your team to understand the contents better.

4. Invite all the trainees in your workspace (Only invited can get a full access to all the board in the workspace)

🍯 Tip!!

If you do not want to put all the trainee’s emails, just share a single invitation link to everyone. 

Training session

1. Gather everyone in a common board, start a video call and give everupme an instruction about the team project.

2. Trainees move to their board in their team section, use pad, sticky notes, pens to discuss a subject following the instruction from the trainer.

🍯 Tip!!

If necessary, you can also invite an special advisor for the subject to the board.

A board member can get into the board and update contents anytime.
(If the member is already invited in your workspace, you do not need to invite again foreach board)

You can simply send a board link to your team members for sharing contents too.

If you want to share your project progress easily, use the ‘project roadmap’ template. By updating it regularly, your team can have the entire snapshot of your project.

3. A trainer can join any board to give proper advice for the session anytime. Instead of reviewing the outcome document after finishing all the sessions, you can help them during the session so that your trainees can try something better.

4. After finishing the team discussion, gather in the common board and summarize all the contents from each team discussion session. Each team can have one pad to write some contents.

🍯 Tip!!

You can export the summary document as PDF or image so that you can email it to other stakeholders.

5. You can have the most effective ways of training if you facilitate a summary review session with a video call.

🍯 Tip!!

Use a timer to have the time limit for each session.
The meeting will be more productive.
Example Image of Project Based Learning by Marimba