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Types of Market Research

Market research is the process of collecting information of your target market or customers. You can conduct market research in many various ways. These are 4 commonly used market research techniques you can try: surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation.

1. Surveys are the most common market research method. It’s easy and competitive than other methods.

2. Interviews can help researchers have better understanding of the target customers and gather better insights by speaking directly to the customers.

3. Focus group is usually conducted by a skilled moderator to generate active discussions and responses from a group of participants who generally have encountered the same experiences or service.

4. Customer observation is when a trained marketer decides to observe how customers behave or interact under natural conditions with regard to a certain service or product.

Try using various Marimba’s market research templates for your successful market research.

Why is market research so important?

Market research is vital for observing and analyzing markets where your products and services will be placed and sold. It would be difficult for marketers to strategize if the market analysis are done improperly or insufficiently. Marketers should utilize results from the actual field surveys or interviews with objectives evidence they provide. Through a good market research, we can have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our products and adjust strategic plans accordingly. Various insights from the research regarding your customers and competitors can help turning your business into success.

How do you write a market research report?

Market research method can be as broad and different as its subjects can be, but you are in the right track if you remember the following fundamentals:

1. Identify the purpose of market research.

Not just market research on products, but also for a variety of purposes, including sales, consumers (customers), competitors, and advertising!

2. Collect the market information.

News articles, images, books, videos, etc.

3. Prepare research questions for your market research participants.

4. List your primary competitors.

5. Summarize your findings.

Market research considers industry products, markets, and customers. Market research reports may include information about the industry’s competitive landscape, industry trends, key competitors, industry size and outlook.

Tips for Market Research

Team Marimba’s Tips for Market Research

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2. Embed Link

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3. Video call

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