Market research template

Completely digging into the market we are targeting

🤹 As a marketer, it is extremely important to catch up with the trend in the market.
It is the must do activity for you to satisfy your customers.

Gather data and analyze it. Review the data and gather again.
You need to deal with many work cycles of this, ‘Learn and modify’.

Also, it is inevitable to face some work wastes from this work. If you want to remove waste during those iterations, Marimba is the perfect tool to do all your work in time. 😉

Market research in Marimba team

One at a time

When you focus on what you are doing, it is easy to miss some tasks. Write down your idea one by one on your Marimba board. If it is also difficult, use sticky notes to spread out your thoughts.

Easier ways to bring contents from other tools

Now, it is time to organize your idea from brainstorming. Sometimes you can find messy files on your folder. If you use Marimba, you do not need to see this at all. You can embed file links from other tools.

  • Google workspace
  • Media
  • Academic paper
  • Links or URL
Example Image of Market Research Template by Marimba

Feel the openness of Marimba

There is a public board where anyone can get into via one link.

You can invite anyone to your board so that you can start collaboration naturally.

Meet you guys all at 3 PM

Click on video call start button to start reviewing the documents with your team members. Use the timer to set up the time for more productive meeting. ⏱ If you are doing something important at home, you can also turn off the video. So do not worry at all.