Enhance Your Virtual Class with Online Teaching Tool

Preparation of interactive online lectures

It is not easy to prepare for online teaching. 

You need to share contents first with your students. And then you need to make sure every student is following your contents well. 😭

Also, enough chances for questions & answers must be required for the better interactive training. 

If you do not have much experience or if you experienced difficulty to use some other tools, Marimba can help you to make your life easier. 

Marimba will make your training course with the maximum participation from your students. 🙂

Marimba will make your training course with the maximum participation from your students.


1. Post all types of training materials on your board.  Gather all the materials from google drive, Youtube or other types. And sort them in order so that everyone can see the contents more clearly. 

🍯 Tip!!

To add a content, you can copy a URL and paste it on the board. 
Click on toolbar embed icon to add a content. 
Embed Link

2. Sort all the pads in order and put some contents to explain them.

🍯 Tip!!

There two types of pads (Organized pad & freeform pad) 
If you write the contents on several pads in order, you can click on the pad title on the pad index to move to the pad very quickly. 
Pad Index

3. Invite all the students who need to participate in the training course. 

  • Invite everyone to the workspace when you have regular class every week.
  • Workspace members are able to edit or view freely as long as all the boards are in the workspace. 
  • If the training happens only once with students, Invite everyone to the board instead of the workspace. 
  • By copying board link, you can send the board information very quickly.

Online teaching

1. Start a video call to begin your training course. You can see everyone’s face. 

2. Students can click on an instructor’s icon on the top right so that you can follow instructor’s view. 

🍯 Tip!!

If you want to share the google slide with your students real time, start ‘Live mode. Everyone on your board can see the slide contents just like a presentation. 

3. If your student has anything to ask, they can write their questions on sticky notes or use emoji to express there’s any question on your video.

🍯 Tip!!

You can also create a Q&A pad. So that your students can put any question on there.
Example Image of Virtual Class by Marimba