Online Template for a Simple Research Planning

Research, this is enough to know 😉

Research is a must do activity for your team project but it is not easy to collect. 

There are so many types of materials like pdf, pptx, docx and zip online. 

Besides, if you want to add contents from a real book or a newspaper, it is a huge headache. 

Starting from gathering all those online documents or taking photos of offline documents, categorizing and organizing all can happen in Marimba. And it is super easy. 

Start with Marimba to make your life easier.

Easy to collect the items and easy to organize. 

Find the research direction. 

1. It is extremely important to find the right research direction. For it, use a video call to discuss with your team members. Using a timer will help you to spend your time more efficiently. 

🍯 Tip!!

Click on the ‘More’ button on the top right of the screen. And start a timer

2. Use sticky notes to brainstorm any idea on the board. 

3. Group similar topics and structurize subjects. If necessary, prioritizing things by voting can be a good approach. 

🍯 Tip!!

Click on the ‘More’ button on the top right of the screen. And start voting sessions to prioritize things. 

4. Vote for the idea and see the results all at once. 

5. Decide what to do research for each member and schedule the due date.

Gathering the materials

1. Under the agreement about the due date, try to collect as many materials as you want. You can put any items like text documents, images, links, google docs and youtube on your board. 

🍯 Tip!!

Click on the link button on the toolbar. Copy the URL and paste it on the blank. You can even see the preview. Any website, image, google document, youtube, flowchart or design artifact can be shared with the link function. 

2. Group the similar topics and put sticky notes to write who is responsible for each topic. This way you will see the entire picture more clearly. 

🍯 Tip!!

There are two types of pads (structured & freeform).
If you write the contents on several pads in order, you can click on the pad title on the pad index to move to the pad very quickly.

3. Write down insights from the research. Use various types of text styles, you will can emphasize what you want to put importance. 

4. Use stickers and sticky notes to review what your team members wrote on the board. If you use a different color for each member, you can easily share ideas anytime.

Review & Summary

1. Now it is the time for review. Use a real time cursor and an observing mode. you can easily check out what your team members are doing. 

2. Use pen and sticky note to write feedback for the contents.

3. Create a new pad and organize thoughts from the raw materials on it. Export the contents. 

🍯 Tip!!

You can create a document having all the contents from the board by export.
Example Image of Simple Research Template by Marimba