Product Roadmap

Let’s set our goals based on the mission and vision!

What is Product Roadmap?

Product roadmap is literally a roadmap of your product. It’s an overview of important elements or goals of a product that should be shared with a team so that the team could move forward in unison. Product roadmap usually includes a team’s goal, direction, work priorities, and progress. It is helpful to organize and remind these elements visually with team members. The bigger or more complex your projects could get, the more important it becomes for your teams to make sure that everything is moving in the right direction. By using the product roadmap template created by Marimba, teams can discuss and state their long and short-term goals as well as plans (milestones) for products over the course of each product. By doing so, team members can have a better understanding of their products and plan their work task accordingly.

What is the difference between Product Roadmap and Product Plan?

Product roadmap and product plan have similar names but their purposes are a little different. Product plan is designed for a more detailed, day-to-day tasks. The plan provides up-to-date information on what the team is working on in details. On the other hand, product roadmap is more suitable for providing an overview. Within its simple format, team members can easily see the common goals and progress they are making at a glance.

What are the benefits of using Product Roadmap?

The reason why product roadmap is valuable for the team is,

  • Product roadmap provides an overview to communicate about goals. Communication between team members is important for successful project completion. You can share through the project roadmap what you are doing, what problems are expected, and whether you have difficulty fulfilling your goals.
  • Product roadmap makes it possible to prioritize work. Even if one project is carried out, there will always be unexpected changes in plans. Therefore, the project roadmap helps the team proceed with the work without a hitch as originally planned.
  • Product roadmap itself serves as a reminder from a strategic point of view. The project roadmap can be called a bridgehead. Shared objectives can be blurred when performing repeated iterations and various tasks. At this time, we remind ourselves of our strategies and ultimate goals through the project roadmap.
Example Image of Project Milestone Template by Marimba

Product Roadmap Templates

Marimba is offering pre-made templates for planning project roadmap you can use with a simple click. Objects that consists of the template are editable so you can adjust the template as you want to do. You can whether add the template when you make a new board or add it to an existing board.

Roadmap Template

Roadmap template is the most basic form of the project roadmap. Empty formats are given to customize as much as you want, and you can make plans for your team’s annual or project period using tools such as sticky notes and figures.

Calendar Template

A project roadmap is to make an action plan for the entire period of a particular project. When making plans, a calendar is necessary. Simply add Marimba’s calendar template without having to use another app. You can mark each team’s work using figures or pen tools on the calendar.

Drawbacks and Challenges of Product Roadmap

If project roadmap is not updated frequently, the meaning of the roadmap weakens. It may lag far behind the target schedule, which leads to a late response to the changing market. However, if you update the roadmap too often, the project schedule and key goals may be shaken.

Don’t forget that project roadmap exists for a comprehensive overview. As the roadmap begins to deal with the details, it becomes difficult to recognize at a glance. Also lack of communication between each party may cause misunderstanding. To achieve the final goal together, communication is number one priority.

Example Image of Project Roadmap Template by Marimba

Tips for using Roadmap Template

Team Marimba’s Tips for using Project Roadmap Template

1. Shape

Draw shape, change its color and style, put some words to it. You can make it as a shaped sticky note.

2. Timer

Set up a timer for managing you and your teammate’s precious time. You’ll come up with creative ideas even in a short time frame.

3. Template

Don’t know what to do? Marimba’s pre-made FREE Project Roadmap templates will be great starting point!

Example Image of 'How to use Project Roadmap' by Marimba Team