Retrospective Guide for Your Team

Time to look back on the road we have walked for a better tomorrow

When we are really focusing on something, sometimes we can accidently forget some other important things. If you take a note everytime you need to remember something later, it helps a bit but it is not easy doing it regularly.

If you are working in one team, it is even worse. Sometimes we cannot recognize a problem in time. To prevent this situation, it is important to talk to each other and knowing what people are doing at the right pace.

📑 What is a Retrospective?

Retrospective means ‘looking back on’ or ‘dealing with past events or situations’.

This is a type of team activities that team members are talking about what they have done for a certain period of time.
Usually retrospective(aka. retro) happens at the end of iteration or important milestone in your project.

🧐 When should you do retrospective?

If your team has not done any retros before, start your retro every iteration of milestone.

Find a proper schedule for your team. It can be once a month, after a milestone, or when ever you and your team wants. However, in case your milestone is too long, you would better consider doing it more frequently.

We recommend running a retrospective with your team every couple of weeks.

🥺 How can you do a retrospective?

There are lots of ways to do a retrospective. We would like to give you one but practical example from Marimba development team. 🤫

1. Add retrospective template on your Marimba board. Preparation all done in a second!😍

Example Image of Team Retrospective Template by Marimba

2. Share the board link to your colleagues/friends.

3. Now start video call and begin your retrospective.
If you do icebreaking before the real beginning it is better.

4. Set up the timer and fill in the sticky notes.
✔ What went well
✔ What to improve
✔ What you want to try

5. When retrospective time is up, wrap up the meeting and share the contents with your team.

💡 To make your retrospective more effective

Meet regularly
Continuous improvement is the key to succeed in your project. By doing a regular retrospective with your team members, you can find what to improve and keep on trying. 🤗

Open your mind
A retrospective is a place to discuss without any border. More participation will make more a lucrative meeting for everyone.