Example Image year retrospective by Marimba

Retrospective to wrap up the year

Looking back on the year and preparing for the new year

There are only a few days left in 2021, which has been running fast. How was your year? At the end of the year, many people want to sit around, eat delicious food and drink a glass of wine, and look back on the past, but the pandemic situation is still not getting better. 😞

However, there is no way you can spend the year-end like this!! Using the crisis as an opportunity, how about looking back on the year calmly and planning for the next year that will grow even more? Rather than a year-end party to let the year go by and forget it, let’s have a warm time to pat each other through the year-end party to record and look back on the year 🥰

Annual meeting template to look back on the year on Marimba

Life Time Drawing

This is a retrospective graphing the emotional flow of one year.
By drawing a graph of how I have been and how I feel every month over the past year, I can remind myself of important events. If your graph goes up, this means you are in a good mood 😍. And if your graph goes down, it means you are in a bad mood 😡. It was an opportunity to visually express your vaguely remembered year through the graph of life and to understand myself!

Moreover, you can share how you felt at specific moment with your friends or colleagues to get things more improved. Through this conversation, you will feel more empathy of your feelings and work.

Example Image of Meaningful Retrospective (Life Graph) Template by Marimba
  1. Facilitator of your retrospective choose a template and write the period of time on the x-axis
  2. Draw your emotional graph with a pen
  3. Use 🎉stickers or sticky notes to express your feelings and comments.
  4. While looking at the completed graph, pat yourself for all your hard work over the year ☺️
  5. If you talk about each other’s life graphs with your friends or team, will help you get to know the past and present of your co-workers, and it will be an opportunity to understand each other and get closer! 🙌


In order to look back on the year and plan for growth for the next year, it is important to get to know yourself first! What emotions do I feel when I do something, and what do I learn from it? What do you want to do in the future based on these experiences?

If you understand your past and present, you can make realistic plans based on this. Also, a plan like this can motivate yourself and will be more likely to be implemented! (Cheers! 💪)

5Fs is a way of looking back and planning events based on five factors

Example Image of Meaningful Retrospective (5Fs) Template by Marimba
  1. Facts : What happened and what did you do?
  2. Feelings : What did you feel?
  3. Findings : What did you learn from it?
  4. Future action: What are your future action items?
  5. Feedback : Feedback on the results of implementation as planned.

After writing on the pad for each incident, export it to have it with you at all times in image or PDF format, and look at it whenever you think of it. Then, after the time you set in your mind, you look at each pad again and give yourself feedback. If you continue to develop while repeating this process, you will feel proud of yourself, who has grown noticeably at some point. 🥳


Do you want to make your New Year’s plans more specific? For those of you, we introduce Mandala, a plan that became famous as major leaguer Ohtani Shohei put it into practice.

Mandal-Art is a combination word from manda, la and art. It means a frame to achieve your goal. This is a very practical and the simplest way to organize your thoughts.

Use Mandal-Art to set up your goal and revisit every month to remind or to modify your goal in a year. 😉

Example Image of Meaningful Retrospective (Mandalart) Template by Marimba
  1. Write a core goal in the center of Mandal-Art 3 times 3 square.
  2. Write 8 sub goals around the core goal to achieve the core goal.
  3. Write those 8 sub goals on the center of the around 3 time 3 square.
  4. Write down 8 action items to achieve those 8 sub goals around the sub goals.
  5. Execute the action item and revisit this every month.

All of the above retrospective templates are available from marimba for free. Start a meaningful retrospective right now!