Self Retrospective Templates

Retrospective by myself

Sometimes, looking back on yourself can be a great thing for your work satisfaction. We would like to recommend some examples for it more effectively.

Personal retrospective with Marimba

In Marimba team, everyone does a personal retrospective at the end of year or after the important milestone. This will give you confidence to prevent from doing same mistakes and to respond better to upcoming issues. This does not need to be about work. Talk about anything and try to feel better. 🙂

KPT (Keep – Problem – Try)

❤️ Keep: Based on what went well, Find what you need to keep doing.

  • Categorize work, your career, vacation, health and your feeling
    whatever you can think about.
  • Take time and come up with any thought.

🧐 Problem: Find what problems are interfere your life or work.

🙌 Try: Find the cause of the problem and try to solve it with an action item.

Example Image of Self Retrospective (KPT : Keep-Problem-Try) Template by Marimba


When you do a personal retrospective, goal setting must be very productive way to organize your thoughts. Mandal-Art became famous when A major league baseball player Ohtani Shohei used to set up his goal.

Mandal-Art is a combination word from manda, la and art. It means a frame to achieve your goal. This is a very practical and the simplest way to organize your thoughts.

Use Mandal-Art to set up your goal and revisit every month to remind or to modify your goal in a year. 😉

  1. Write a core goal in the center of Mandal-Art 3 times 3 square.
  2. Write 8 sub goals around the core goal to achieve the core goal.
  3. Write those 8 sub goals on the center of the around 3 time 3 square.
  4. Write down 8 action items to achieve those 8 sub goals around the sub goals.
  5. Execute the action item and revisit this every month.
Example Image of Self Retrospective (Mandalart) Template by Marimba