Task Management with Product Backlog

Online to-do management using Backlog

Transparency is the key to succeed in your project. When you want to have your team having the maximum velocity, share project information as much as possible.

This will give your team enough information to make their own decision and also to find easily where to help each other. 

What is the ‘Backlog?’

The backlog is a prioritized stack of work.

It can be shown on your Kanban or Scrum board. Usually it has three stages. ‘Ready to work’, ‘In progress’ and ‘Done’ are there.

Your team members can take one task(sticky note) from the ‘Ready to work’ stage and move it to the next stage ‘In progress’ and start working. And if you are done with the task, you can move it to the next stage which is ‘Done’

Example Image of Kanban Board (Backlog) Template by Marimba

If needed, add or remove some steps depending on the situation you have.
If you divide your progress stages into many, it will show good details of your team situation but it will take too much time to manage the board and it can become another kind of work to your team. So please try to find the proper amount of stages that your team will agree to use.

👉 Practical ways of Backlog Management in Marimba team

Marimba designers use a backlog and daily stand up on the board and they normally put everything on one board.
Every morning when all the designers participate in ‘Designer Stand up’.
As soon as joining, they all update items with the latest status.

Step1. Before the meeting begins, designers write on sticky notes
what they did yesterday and what they are going to do today.
Step2. They start a video call at 10:30 every morning.
Step3. Each member takes turn and share what he/she has finished,
and what he/she is going to do.
Update all the items on the backlog when it is needed.
Step4. If there is anything to discuss, write down on a new sticky note
and discuss during the meeting.