Top 3 agile retrospective templates for teams

Repeated retrospective by week and iteration

Have you tried a retrospective with your team members? If you have not, please do.
Our Marimba team will guarantee the effectiveness of a retrospective. 😉
This time, we will give you more examples of a retrospective.

A retrospective is not a one time event instead you need to do it regularly. So if you change the way sometimes, it will give your team members more fun.

1️⃣ Continue – Stop – Start

All team members write what they need to continue, what they need to stop and what they need to try new.

This is a great way to bring everyone’s idea. 😉

Example Image of Agile Retrospective (Continue-Stop-Start) Template by Marimba

2️⃣ 4L: Liked, Learned, Lacked, Longed for

This is pretty much similar with Continue-Stop-Start.
Write what you Liked, Learned and try to write what your team Lacked and Longed for.
Thereby, you and your team can start discussion to become a better team.

😍 Liked
📚 Learned
💦 Lacked
🕯 Longed for

Example Image of Agile Retrospective (4Ls) Template by Marimba

3️⃣ KPT (Keep – Problem – Try)

Keep, Problem, Try!
Let’s break the past project into three groups and discuss it with the team.

❤️ Keep
Based on what went well, Find what your team need to keep.
Don’t forget to give compliments and applause for things you did well!

🧐 Problem
Find what problems are interfere your team work.
It is better to share the process leading up to the issue, not just what happened.

🙌 Try
Find the cause of the problem and try to solve it with an action item.
The point is to materialize the action items after the retrospective!

Example Image of Agile Retrospective (KPT : Keep-Problem-Try) Template by Marimba