Useful Template for Your Team Assignment

Survival in non-face-to-face team play

A team project is a common homework assignment in the education organization.

But it is not easy at all because you have to work with everyone. 

We would like to introduce Marimba for you to have the most productive team project. 

Starting from choosing the project subject, organizing thoughts, finding insights, creating presentation files and practicing presentation, there are a lot of things you need to take care of for the project.  

Sometimes you might even feel loneliness because you are in the position where other people are not helping enough for the success of the project. 

If you feel that way, please use Marimba to have good participation from your team members. 

You will see everyone is helping you to succeed in your project.

Have the most product team project meeting with Marimba

1. Create a team project board and invite all the members to the project. 

  • Your team members can join the board anytime and freely update the contents.
    (If they are the invited members for the workspace, you do not need to invite one more time 🙅‍♀️)
  • Through the board link copy function, you can send the board information in no time.

2. Gather on a Marimba board, take a turn and introduce yourself quickly. Discuss how you are going to do the project well and what role each person is going to take. This will reduce the possibility of feeling bad to each other. 😀

  • Discuss your meeting schedule by video all and share your team members’ email addresses on your board.
  • Decide what role each person is going to take. This will help everyone put their hands on this work more effectively.

🍯 Tip!!

List up the checklist and check every time you finish each action item.
  • Schedule ‘Project milestone and schedule’ first to monitor project progress

🍯 Tip!!

If you want to share your project progress easily, use the ‘project roadmap’ template. By updating it regularly, your team can have the entire snapshot of your project.
Example Image of Team Assignment Roadmap Template by Marimba

3. Decide sub topics according to the project main topic. This will prevent rework from anyone going on the wrong direction.

Create a pad for each sub topic. If you put contents one by one on the related pad, you will see everything is ready for a good team review. 

4. Search information and put the contents on each member’s pad before the due date and give some valuable feedback for each other. 
(If you want to know How to Research with Marimba, Click here)

5. Start a video call and discuss regularly. Marimba will help you see the most recent contents on your board all the time.  

🍯 Tip!!

If you write the contents on several pads in order, you can click on the pad title on the pad index to move to the pad very quickly, 

Click on the round shape participant icon on your top right side, you will follow exactly where the participant is looking at.
Observing mode

6. If everything is ready, write down the project outcome contents on the new pad. 

🍯 Tip!!

You can choose either an organized pad or a freeform pad. You can write something more like a document on an organized pad and you can put anything more freely on a freeform pad. 

Use a smart guide to organize your contents more neatly. Contents will be much more clear to understand. 

You can export the summary document as PDF or image so that you can email it to other stakeholders.
Example Image of Team Assignment by Marimba