UX research Interview

A complete guide from research preparation
to organization

As an UX engineer, it is extremely important to listen to your users all the time if you want to design a good product. However doing an interview for user research and validation is not easy at all.

You need to plan an entire process properly for your research journey(do, analyze, share and reflect)and organize things more effectively and easily.

User research process


  • Set up a goal of interview
  • Find the right interviewee regarding to your persona and data
  • Schedule interview date and time
  • Write interview scripts. Prepare for questions and prepare for prototypes to validate

Do (3 roles are needed)

  • Moderator: Do the interview based on the script. Be flexible as the conversation goes.
  • Observer and Scripter: Write a meeting log and memo what they observe
    during the meeting. Emphaize the insight you find.

Share your insights

  • Share the results with product team members
  • Organize 4 types of insight
    • New findings
    • Improvements we need to take
    • User’s important needs
    • Organize items to revisit later
Example Image of UX Research Template by Marimba

Use sticky notes, shapes and pads to organize your important insights from the interview so that you can revisit the contents later easily.

We recommend your team to use one board for your entire contents so that you can find them later in no time.

When there are a lot more contents than you expected, you can have some spaces in between groups of pads

👉 Practical ways of user research in Marimba development team

We usually put every artifact on one pad from the entire user research life cycle including preparation, writing an interview script, writing a meeting note and sharing the result. Having one pad for everything will make you check out the history easily. You can see the interview, the result, improvement from the result and another user feedback after the improvement.

1. Write your interview script related to your interview goal.
If you have to do a similar interview from before,
you can reuse the script you already have.
2. After your interview schedule has set up, put the link on the board.
You can allocate each pad for each interviewee.
3. Use sticky notes to write down what each interviewee says.
If there is any link or image the interviewee mentions, just put them
on the board too.
4. As soon as the interview is done, interviewers and observers discuss
how to organize the results
5. If you find any insights(need improvement, need more feature,
what interviewer did not expect), add insights at the end of discussion.
6. Share the board link with PM and developers and explain the details
7. Organize insights from multiple interviews and put action items
on the backlog.