UX Research Interview

A complete guide from research preparation
to organization

What is UX(User) Research Interview?

In order to make products that satisfy user needs, product designers, most importantly, should know who your users are and what their demands are. User interview is a commonly used method in user research in order to get to know your users. UX research interview can be a good foundation to develop your design ideas so you can provide an excellent solution to your users at the end.

How to structure UX Research Interview?

Prepare an interview

  • Affirm the purpose of the interview
  • Find the target user
  • Confirm interviewee and set up the interview schedule
  • Prepare the questionnaire
  • Prototype or product

Conducting an interview

  • UX research coordinator: Designs and sets directions for UX interview.
  • Moderator: Do the interview based on the script. Be flexible as the conversation goes.
  • Observer and Meeting log writer: Write a meeting log and take a note of your observations during the meeting. Pay attention to the insight you’ve earned from the interview.

Reporting the interview results

Sharing the interview results with the rest of the team members isn’t as complicated as you would think. Try to focus on what’s worth sharing for the next stages of work.

Make sure to share the useful insights gathered from the interview as below:

  • New findings
  • Any room for improvements
  • User’s important needs
  • Long-term tasks for specific teams or general team
Example Image of UX Research Template by Marimba

Step by Step Guide for using UX Research Interview Template

When using UX Research Interview Template, it is normally recommended to put all your relevant data and materials from the entire user research cycle: from preparation, writing an interview script, writing a meeting note to sharing the result on one pad. By keeping everything within the pad, you can see the content of the interview, the result, improvement from the result as well as user feedbacks after each improvement all at one glance so it is very helpful and convenient to track down history.

  1. Write your interview script related to your interview goal. If you have to do a similar interview from before, you can reuse the script you already have. Or you can use UX research plan template.
  2. After your interview schedule has set up, put the link on the board. You can allocate each pad for each interviewee.
  3. Use sticky notes to write down what each interviewee says. If there is any link or image the interviewee mentions, just put them on the board too.
  4. As soon as the interview is done, interviewers and observers discuss how to organize the results
  5. If you find any insights(need for improvement, request for different features or what surprised or failed the interviewee, etc), add insights at the end of discussion.
  6. Share the board link with PM and developers and explain the details
  7. Organize insights from multiple interviews and put action items on the backlog.

Tips for User interview

1. Sticky note

Add sticky note from toolbar and distinguish them by color.

2. Embed link

Insert the link as reference data.

3. Share your board with options

  • For only invited people
  • For anyone with the link (view only)
  • For anyone with the link (view and edit)