Video Conference

The most effective ways to work remotely
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What is video conference?

Video conference plays a key role in connecting people, especially in a remote work environment. Video conference enables face-to-face meetings despite differences in locations or time zones. It can also improve productivity, overcomes the limitations of voice calls, and even cuts down travel expenses. One of the main reasons more teams and office workers prefer using video conference is because it’s effective in reducing wasteful travelling hours while real-time, face-to-face conversations are easily managed with just a click of a button.

Types of video conference

1:1 conversations

Whether for your business or personal matters, video conference can be used for many types of 1:1 conversations. While on an online video conference call, you are able to pick up the face expressions or non-verbal expressions of your remote party, thus making the occasion more engaging and connected. Another example can be an interview. Due to the recent pandemic situation or logistic reasons across different states or countries, using video conferencing for various types of interviews such as a job interview or research interview can be done so conveniently with a collaboration tool like Marimba.

Team meetings

Business team meeting is the most common and basic concept of a video conference. A good team meeting should be able to keep everyone in the same loop. By using and sharing one infinite whiteboard and talking directly to one another using video conference calls, the whole team can experience cohesiveness and consistency during a hectic collaborative process with a deeper level of work relationship.

Online class

Many institutions and educators have been in search for safe and high-functional video platforms for online classes during this pandemic. With the unprecedented global situation and development of technology, our educational environment have changed, much more into virtual, online space. People are no longer limited to attend offline lecture rooms to learn new things. Fun, engaging and informative online classes are happening within collaborative platforms like Marimba, and its video call is a great example of bringing all your class participants together.

How to find best online video conference tool

To find the best video conference tool, these are the check list you should go through.

  • Audio/video quality and setting
  • Whether it’s free or paid service
  • Integration with other tools, apps, services
  • Member capacity (maximum number of participants)
Example Image of Video Conferencing (Virtual Meeting) by Marimba

Step By Step Guide for Video Conferencing

1. You’ll only need one board to start video conference, share documents/agenda, meeting minutes, and plan to-do list. Just share the board link to participants.

2. Put every material you need for meeting on infinite whiteboard, everyone can add, edit, and update the material in real-time.

3. Simply start video conference without switching apps. One tool is enough for vibrant meeting.

4. You can’t miss anything during the meeting. Because of real-time cursor and following mode, all participants will be on the same page.

5. No need to use other apps to write the meeting minutes. Add your minutes pad so you and the rest of the team can all participate in writing and updating the document at anytime!

Tips for Online Video Conferencing

Share team’s schedule and notice on a single board. If needed, take a vote with your team Team Marimba’s tip for using Video Conferencing

1. Embed Link

Copy the original link to YouTube, Google, Figma, etc. and paste it to board. Everyone will be on the same page without switching apps.

2. Timer

Set up a timer for managing you and your teammate’s precious time. You’ll come up with creative ideas even in a short time frame.

3. Following & real-time cursor

Click the profile on the top right and you don’t have to ask where your teammates are reviewing right now. Focus on the meeting by automatically following real-time cursor.

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