Video Conference

The most effective ways to work remotely
with whiteboard tool

How is your remote work going with your team members?

Let’s prepare for an online meeting. You have to share all the meeting materials including agenda, document and meeting link in advance. Otherwise, you might have a moment to look for materials when everyone is in your meeting. Then you will feel that you are wasting all the people’s precious time.

With your current using video call tool, you can finally see your team members’ faces and you ready to talk. But you will soon find out that things are not working out just like your imagination. You have to take a turn to speak one at a time. It is quite different from offline meeting.

And even after the meeting, choosing who is going to write for the summary of the meeting is also painful.

So, Offline to Online experience takes tons of preparations in advance. And besides it is not easy to make your meeting most effectively due to the different situation. Does this sound familiar with you?

Marimba will bring you to the most effective ways of work on your remote environment

Share just a single board URL. It is simple as it is.
Start a video call, share the agenda, share the document and even write the meeting note all on the same place.

Gather all necessary information for the meeting and update altogether with team to have more insights.

Discuss over the right contents. Everyone will never miss a beat by observing speaker and realtime cursors with each member’s name. Just like when the team is discussing together in an office.

Organize meeting results in one place. You do not need to have someone to write another document with a different tool. You can write something on your pad easily while you are in the meeting. And your team members can even help you to write it better with a consensus concurrently.

Marimba will support you and your team to be more productive on various types of meetings. 

Contents review

Talk about any kind of content with you team. Look at the same board, which includes all contents you and your team need. Share current status, issues, concerns and next step as well.

Example Image of Video Conferencing (Virtual Meeting) by Marimba

Design review

Share opinions on the designed images using sticky notes or pen.
Sticky notes and pen drawing on specific part of image will make clear communication and will result in extremely low possibility of miscommunication.

Example Image of Design Review by Marimba

Team workshop

Share team’s schedule and notice on a single board. If needed, take a vote with your team members to make the best decision.

Example Image of Team Workshop by Marimba

IPM (Iteration Planning Meeting)

IPM, of which includes several steps such as sharing plans, scoring each item, and etc., can be done much easier using online whiteboard.

Example Image of IPM (Iteration Planning Meeting) by Marimba

Experience an interactive meeting on online whiteboard, instead of the current way of remote meeting using Powerpoint and Video conference tool at a time! 🙌