Virtual team building activities

Activities to improve teamwork in remote work teams

It is very important to have a good chemistry of your team because it can bring more frequent and productive communication. This will reduce significantly the possibility for risks to be real issues.

To do this, we need some team events.

Welcoming a new member, Saying happy birthday, Doing an icebreaking game, Little coffe chat will help your team to be more active. Marimba will help you to do more effectively these activities online. You do not need to prepare anything. Use Marimba and you enjoy team activities with your team members more easily and effectively.

Here are some team activities recommended by Marimba.

Team board

Put your team’s vision, goal, notice or even birthday of your team members on your board. Anyone in your team can check out this anytime you want.

Example Image of Team Board Template by Marimba

Celebrate board

If there is an event to celebrate altogether, try to use event board.
Without much effort, you can prepare for a good event in no time.

Example Image of Event (Celebrate board) Template by Marimba

Ice breaking board

Are you fed up with boring meetings in a row?
There is a time when you and your team need a good team refreshment,.
Start icebreaking game with your team members on the board.

Example Image of Icebreaking (Team Building) Template by Marimba