Collaboration Tool with Infinite Canvas

No limit to the space you can freely write and draw

All the tools that are commonly used, such as papers, note pads, or whiteboards for writing, scribbling, drawing, designing all have fixed sizes. Therefore you have to erase the previously written contents when you have no more space for new contents. Sometimes you even have to take a picture of the contents before erasing. With Marimba, you don’t have to do this anymore.

Marimba is a collaboration tool with infinite canvas for you and your teams to work on. If you collaborate on the Marimba board, individuals or teams can freely express their ideas, gather opinions, and develop ideas into results without any restriction of space. The team can always retreive and review previous file histories at each stage of the work on one single board.

Unlimited Workspace

Unlimited workspace does not mean one single canvas for all sorts of works. Marimba’s infinite canvas is a space for you and your teams to create individual boards for each project or smaller tasks.

Just like how folders are managed in your laptops, you can organize and conveniently manage your boards simultaneously by presenting them on the unlimited workspace.

  • Organize all work, from ideation to an end result of a project on one board.
  • Create and manage multiple boards in one workspace.
  • If there are too many boards in a workspace, manage the boards by grouping them into ‘sections’ just like folders.
Example Image of workspace by Marimba

Working with Infinite Canvas

Each stage of a project requires different materials such as initial plan, research materials, summary of research materials, drafts, several revisions and final versions, multimedia files and so on. But on Marimba’s infinite canvas, you can gather all the materials you need and browse them all on one screen.

  • Zoom in/out of an infinite board to view and work on specific part
  • Add images, YouTube videos, Google Docs, Figma links, etc. directly on the board
  • Start with pre-built templates (Templates can be added on the board at any time)
Example Image of Infinity canvas by Marimba

Drawing with Infinite Canvas

When working with group of people at the same time, communicating with texts alone can be sometimes ambiguous and misleading, especially when you have to explain an idea that pops into your head to a colleague or add an opinion to a colleague’s thoughts right on the spot. Visual demonstrations, supported by Marimba’s various tools, can always improve the level of communication within your team. On Marimba’s infinite canvas, clear and effective communication can be done using not only texts and images, but also with free drawing pens, shapes, and lines.

  • Express and demonstrate your ideas using pens, shapes, and lines
  • Add clarity on your work by applying various colors
  • ‘Lock’ any final idea on the board to prevent from accidental deletion
Example Image of Drawing in infinity canvas by Marimba