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Marimba Integrations

Various services at once on the Marimba!

Experience a collaboration service that can maximize your collaboration efficiency.

Marimba empowers the productivity with integrated 3rd party services. Simply copy and paste the URL of the integrated services, then you will see the material on the Marimba board all together with your team.

Connect Your Tools for Collaborations

Remote collaboration is expanding the scope and software programs for remote collaboration is getting more and more diverse nowadays. People generally look for particular program that fits their needs, such as tools for design, documentation, etc., and this results in endless switching of their screens.

Immerse yourself solely on your work without any unnecessary actions like switching between softwares and apps by using Marimba along with third party services. One of the huge obstacles that has been disturbing you and your team is now gone on the online whiteboard collaboration tool Marimba.

With Marimba, you can find free remote meeting feature which allows you to face other Look around the following services that are already integrated with Marimba boards. Our range of integrated tools will be continuously expanded in future. 😊

  • Google Workspace
  • YouTube
  • Figma
  • draw.io
  • whimsical
  • inVision

Google Workspace

Share your Google Workspace Documents, Spreadsheets, or Presentation on Marimba board and discuss with your team in real-time.

On Marimba, you neither have to share the URL of Google Workspace document nor each one of your team members have to open the link. Experience seamless online collaboration through Marimba’s integration with Google Workspace.



There are countless number of digital contents on YouTube. Copy and paste YouTube links on Marimba board and share with your team.

Everyone can simply play the video on the board without opening a new browser tab for YouTube. Sharing and discussing on the video is so much easier on Marimba.



In case you need some more particular features for design, Marimba is glad to provide integration with Figma. Get your work done on Figma, then share the completed Figma work on Marimba board for your meetings and workshops. You can simply share your design draft with your team on Marimba without sharing the URL or sending it via emails.


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