Example Image of Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool

Interactive Collaboration Tool

The most important thing is to share the contents of each member’s work and communicate clearly.

When teams gather together to collaborate, the most important thing is to share the contents of each member’s work and communicate clearly throughout the project. Focusing only on a small part of a big project may lead to duplication of work, and lack of clarity in communication can lead to misunderstandings.

On Marimba’s online whiteboard, try variety of communication means and tools to support smooth communication, express your ideas clearly and share your contents accurately. You can also maximize interaction between team members and increase work efficiency by minimizing communication errors using video conferencing and chatting.

Communicate with your team in real-time

We get to communicate with others in all different circumstances. The communication channel or method varies time to time. Sometimes communication can be clearly done only with text, but other times you may have to use different tones of your voice or face expression to support what you are saying. On the whiteboard, you can communicate with your team using various communication methods.

Example Image of Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool

Realtime video-call

  • Talk face-to-face with your teammates to better collaborate together on the oline whiteboard. No matter how complicated the content gets, your face expression, intonation, animoji and other non-verbal communication factors during the video call will clearly deliver what you want to say to your colleagues.

Instant Chat, a real-time messenger

  • Have a chat with your colleagues if you have any announcements or opinions to share. You can mention specific person in case you want to designate someone.
Example Image of Collaboration Tool with chat

Sticky notes for simple comment or memo

  • Leave a simple comment on any spot you would like on the infinite whiteboard. You can place your sticky note on an image, by the text, or with in a certain pad. Every team members can have their own color to identify themselves.

Document collaboration tool: Pad

  • Pad is the space for easy organization after spreading out in infinite canvas. You can completely perform document work on the pad. In addition to general text work, images and sticky notes can also be easily added. Of course, simultaneous editing is also possible.

Collaborate with your team in real-time

When a team works together for a goal, team members do not always work in a row, rather they work simultaneously most of the time. On Marimba, each member can work on different part at the same time and everyone can look around the board to see how the project is going at the moment.

Experience seamless real-time collaboration by locating the team’s task on the same online space. You can check all your teammates on the board in real time, and follow the each member’s cursor to check the status of their work. On the board, you can always use convenient tools such as voting, stickers, and timers at any time.

Example Image of Observing mode by Marimba

Manage projects and tasks with your team in real-time

It is very important for a team to share and keep pace with the schedule. If members have different information regarding the work schedule connected to the final goal, it will be difficult for the team to reach the goal in a given period of time.

Long-term schedule plans(Roadmaps) that are directly related to the team’s goals can also be shared simply and clearly on the Marimba Whiteboard. You can create a schedule using not only text, but also shapes, pens, images, and so on. External materials and videos can also be included if necessary. Grab your team’s attention, share direction, and incorporate additional feedback via video calls.

You can share daily work and any issue to the team during Stand-up meeting on the online whiteboard. Try free template provided on Marimba to simply start Stand-up meeting.