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Remote Meeting with Video Conferencing Tool

Just like being together face to face even in a remote environment!

Remote Meeting is a type of meeting where people face each other through online screens. Although generally regarded less effective than offline meetings in the past, remote meeting through a collaborative tools with advanced technology now have not only become a handy tool for work related activities but also various social gatherings between team members when offline meetings are not available.

In this new normal era, remote work has become a common way of working, and the transition from a traditional way of commuting to office to a more adjustable, online, remote work is expected to increase even more. By enabling people to actually look at each other’s face and gestures with live voice, remote meeting gets rid of the physical limitation and lets us to think that we are in one place.

The one most important aspect of remote meeting is to be a communication channel that can give people a feeling that they are all together in one place although each people may actually be in different cities or even different countries. We encourage you to try and check out these handy tools and experience a seamless remote meeting with Marimba.

Improving work productivity through remote meeting

People do not realize often, however almost every time people unconsciously accompany non-verbal communication, such as intonation, face expression, gesture, etc., when communicating with others.

The commonly used audio-based communication tools can only deliver voice and intonation, and text-based communication merely deliver the text itself between communicators. These limitations of audio and text can often bring a lot of misunderstandings, especially during multi-layered and complex collaborative process.

With Marimba, you can find free remote meeting feature which allows you to face other team members and look at their face expression and hand gestures along with their voice. What is more, you can also add any text, drawing, images, or video for efficient and clear communication.

Make your meetings with your remote teams more engaging snd intuitive with Marimba.

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Video conferencing without additional app-switchings

Document creation, video conference, data analyzing, instant messenger, cloud storage, and many more. We all know it’s no fun when you have to switch back and forth between different softwares and apps constantly while working on projects.

Experience seamless real-time collaboration by locating the team’s task on the same online space. You can check all your teammates on the board in real time, and follow the each But here with Marimba, an infinite online whiteboard platform for your one-stop collaborative process, you no longer have to be bothered. Team discussion is on through video call with just a click, online messaging, file sharing and document creation can happen all in one place. There’s no need to download and install different applications or pay for each of them separately.

Spark creative and fresh ideas of you and your team via remote meeting on Marimba.

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