Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool

What is an Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool?

Online whiteboard collaboration tool is a virtual space where people can gather and work together conveniently in modern work environment where telecommuting and remote learning have become more common.

By using online whiteboard, the entire team can experience the convenience of an actual whiteboard such as drawing and writing things freely without any rule set online.

Marimba, a free online whiteboard collaboration tool, is created for your online business collaboration, project management, and online lectures. With Marimba, teams can come together remotely facing each other, making plans, sharing information, or working on a project in real-time without switching screens or applications from one to another.

Work can be done both asynchronously and synchronously at your convenience and it's never been so easy to check up on your teammates during collaborations for you are literally all on the same page!


How to use Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool?

Online whiteboard is just as simple and intuitive as a physical whiteboard.

Marimba's online whiteboard provides infinite canvas where your creative ideas and insights can be all visualized. Anyone can simply start a project, write down interview results, play games, and share information with colleagues wherever they are.

On a single Marimba board, you can interactively collaborate with colleagues and friends in real time, share important materials from Google Drives, play YouTube videos, create figma and image files, and face each other through one simple conference call. Multiple boards can be created for each topic or purpose, if necessary.


Online Whiteboards Features

Real-time Collaboration on Infinite Canvas

In today's work environment, seamless real-time collaboration between multiple users from different locations is very important.

Gather together on an infinite online canvas to freely express opinions and share ideas without any restrictions of physical workspaces or types of contents.

Develop and complete team projects or assignments through real-time collaboration. Find where each other is at with live cursors on the board and see which way the team is heading. More effective live communication can help prevent redundant and repetitive work for your team.

Marimba's online whiteboards welcome both independent, freelancing works and interactive, collaborative ways of working. asynchronous and synchronous collaboration can be chosen at your convenience. Individuals can of course work at their own convenient time and check updates done by others.

Remote Meeting & Video Conferencing

Conversation is the most effective communication method among people. Talk to your colleagues face to face through Video Conferencing.

A single click to start a video call on the board can maximize the accuracy and efficiency of remote collaboration. Variety of Animoji can be used as non-verbal communication tool and add more fun to the conversations.

Share texts, documents, images, videos right on your interactive whiteboard. The team no longer need to go back and forth between each other's screen through screen sharing.

No more endless marathon meetings that can take up your whole working hours. Organize and operate your meetings with embedded timer that can help time management during remote meetings.

Free Online Sticky Notes

From simple note taking to quick brainstorming or arranging things visually, try our online free sticky notes for your team collaboration.

Write things down easily using colorful notes of your preferences.

Leave messages, feedbacks, peer reviews during team collaboration.

Everything, even a single word, is automatically saved on a secure cloud. You never have to worry about you and your team's precious contents.