The Marimba board is a collaborative space that everyone creates together.

Can discuss it and reflect it immediately, so that work quickly and efficiently without communication glitches 🚀

Who can edit the items on the board?

Anyone who enters the board with editing rights can update the contents of the board.

All modifications are reflected in real time to everyone on the board, so that all participants can always collaborate with the latest information.

Please refer to the board authority page for more detail 🙂

How can I know who’s doing what?

The current cursor position for all users on the board is shown.

Colorful cursors with user name is collaborator’s cursors.

Cursor color is same as the color on the user list on the top-right corner of your board.

Cursors with user name in each user's color
  • When selecting, moving, and resizing an item, the outline of the item is shown in the color of the person who is modifying it.
  • When you are editing the contents of an item, you can see a small profile next to the item along with the outline.

And with Observing mode, can collaborate more closely 😀

Is there any limit to co-edit?

In Marimba, you can literally do everything together.

Update the contents of the same text box together, or add different items to the same pad at the same time, while you’re resizing other can change the color, again, literally EVERYTHING.

📍 If the same action overlaps, it is updated with the most recent job.