Add energy to the workshop with 🎲 dice.

You may play simple games for ice breaking and decide the order 😊

How can I roll the dice?

Select the Dice from the More menu, the dice plate will be attached on your board.

Press the Push button on the lower right side of the dice plate to roll the dice.

I want to have more dices.

You can roll up to three dice at the same time on one dice plate,

or you can have more dice plates.

Basically there’s one dice for each dice plate,

and the number of the dices is adjusted when you click the – or + button on the upper right corner of the dice plate.

I don’t want to use dice anymore.

Click the dice plate (except Press button) to select one.

You can move or delete the selected dice plate like any other items (such as sticky note, shape, and many more)

Select the dice plate and press Delete key to delete it when you want to finish using.