How can I add image?

There are two main ways to add images.

👉 Click image tool on toolbar and upload the images images stored on your local drive

✌️ Click link tool on toolbar and paste image URL from the Internet.

How can I upload the Image?

👉 To have it on board,

  • Click image tool on toolbar and select image from finder, or
  • Select image from local drive finder and drag it to the board.

✌️ To put it to pad,

  • Click image tool on quick input of structured pad and select image from finder

📍 Up to 30 images can be added at once 😀
However, if any of the selected files are not supported, you will not be able to add them all!

Supported image file format

bmp, gif, svg(as static), jpeg, jpg, png, heic, heif, WebP(as static)
Up to 10MB for each

How can I add image with URL?

Copy the image link and add it as an image in the following way.

👉 Paste it to the board : ctrl(cmd) + V

✌️ Click the link tool on toolbar to open the link pop-up and paste it there

  • Preview is provided in link pop-up
  • If you click the link tool on quick input of structured pad, the image is attached to the pad.

For more information, please visit the link page. 🙂

How can I select image?

There are two ways,

👉 With select tool is activated

I want to move image.

Click and drag the image you want to move.

I’d like to adjust the size of image.

Select one or more images and drag the purple dot on the bottom-right corner.

Width:height ratio is maintained while resizing.

I want to delete image!

Select the image and press the Delete key on your keyboard, it will be deleted immediately. 💥

Did you delete it by mistake?

Don’t panic. Undo with Commnad (Ctrl)+Z and recovery is complete!