Let’s have contents made from other platform such as Google Workspace, Figma and Youtube.

Find out how to add a link to the board.

How can I add link?

Copy the URL you want to add to the board and add it in the appropriate way depending on where you want to add the link.

👉 Add to canvas

  • Paste the URL directly to board
  • Select link on toolbar to open the link window.
    Paste the URL in there and check out the preview and add.

✌️ Add to pad

  • Select pad and paste the URL.
  • Select link on quick input button of structured pad to open the link window.
    Paste the URL in there and check out the preview and add.

Please tell me in detail how to use the link window.

  1. First of all, please copy the URL you want to add.
  2. Open the link window from toolbar or quick input.
    Paste the URL into input area.
    • You can also type there.
  3. Press Enter key of your keyboard, preview is displayed.
  4. Check the preview and click Embed button to complete 👏

It looks different for each link.

Depending on the type of link, the form in which the preview is provided varies slightly.

👉 Thumbnail form for easy viewing of titles and representative images → support any kind of URL

✌️ Image → support image URLs

🤟 Viewer form to view content directly on board → support URLs below

  • Google workspace : Google slide, Spreadsheet, docs
  • Design prototype : Figma, InVision
  • Flow chart :, Whimsical
  • Video : Youtube

URLs that support viewer form can be added in thumbnail form if necessary.

🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️ Marimba’s suggestion

To list up multiple URLs : Thumbnail,
To check the contents in detail on the board : Viewer

Let me know more of viewer.

Viewer allows you to view the latest contents of the link directly on the board.

However, please remember that the navigation inside the viewer is not visible to others.

📍In the case of Google Slide Viewer, the contents on viewer updated when someone click Sync button manually.

How about private URL?

– By default, the authority system of each URL is followed.
Therefore, sometimes the Embed viewer requires a login.
– Users logged in to marimba as Google account, follow the authority of the account
📍 However, when you add google slide link as viewer
anyone who has access to the board, whether authorized or not, can see the content.

I want to see the contents of the viewer together.

Marimba provides view together mode for Google Slide Viewer.
Click the Start view together button on the top-right corner of the viewer and view together mode is started.
While viewing together, everyone on the board sees the same page together.
Feel free to go back and forth between front and back pages and discuss quickly and efficiently!

I want to open the link in new tab.

There are two ways,

👉 Click the link title, or

✌️ Click Open in new tab in the right side.

How can I select link?

There are two ways,

👉 With select tool is activated

I want to move link.

Click and drag the link you want to move.

I’d like to adjust the size of link.

Select one or more links and drag the purple dot on the bottom-right corner.

I want to delete link!

Select the link and press the Delete key on your keyboard, it will be deleted immediately. 💥

Did you delete it by mistake?

Don’t panic. Undo with Commnad (Ctrl)+Z and recovery is complete!