Observing mode

A secret weapon that make everyone to see the same place on an infinite board!

Please welcome observing mode!

What is observing mode?

With observing mode you can follow the view point of someone.

Have smooth discussion moving from place to place on the board,

or follow someone’s explanation not missing anything.

How can I start observing mode?

From the user list, find the person you want to follow and click on it to get started!

How am I supposed to find the first letter?

Hover over the attendee list to view the full name in the tooltip. 🙂

사용자 리스트에서 특정 사용자를 클릭하면 팔로잉 모드가 시작됩니다.

I want other people to follow me.

Click your profile on the leftmost side of the user list, and there’s a bring everyone to me button. Click this button and everyone on the board immediately follows me.

Focus on the people on the board. 🙂

How can I end the observing mode?

There are three ways.

👉 The moment you navigate the bord, such as moving viewpoints or adjusting Zoom scale,

✌️ The moment when certain items are modified, such as moved, resized, etc.

🤟 The moment you activate the tool and create a new item

the observe mode is automatically ends.