Pad index

보드에 있는 패드 제목을 모아볼 수 있는 패드 목록

This is a list of pads where you can collect the titles of the pads on the board and take a clear look. Check the overall contents of the board here easily move to the necessary contents.

👉 Are you writing down the contents on the board?

Why don’t you organize the pad list according to the flow so that other people can understand the contents of the board in order.

✌️ Someone shared the board to you?

There are so many contents on the board that you don’t know where to start and how to check, right?

Check the contents in the order of the pad list so that you can check the contents step by step according to the intention of the author.

How can I get to a specific pad?

Click on the pad title you want to see, you will be immediately moved to the Pad ✈️

패드 목록에서 제목을 클릭하면 즉시 그 패드로 이동합니다.

Can I hide Pad Index?

Press the <<(Collapse)button in the top-right corner of the pad to minimize it.

Minimize pad index when you want to see the board wider and press >>(expand) button whenever you need it.

패드 목록을 접거나 펼칠 수 있습니다.

Can I change the order in pad Index?

You can change the order by dragging the title that you want to change the order.

We encourage you to manage Pad Index in the right order so that others can understand the overall flow of the board. 😀

📍 Position on the board is not changed by changing order in pad index.

What is the color chip on the right?

The color of the top area of the pad is also shown in the pad list.

Classify the related pads in the same color, you can use the pad list more intelligently.