Select tool

select tool on toolbar

Selection tool is the primary tool and is a key tool for navigating the board.

How can I use select tool?

👉 Click select from Toolbar or

✌️ press S on your keyboard or

🤟 after using or cancel using(esc) any other tools

select tool is activated.

  • Dragging canvas allows you to move to other side of the board.
  • Dragging items to move them 🙂

I’d like to select an item.

There are two ways.

👉 Click the item you want to select, or

✌️ Press Shift and drag to include the item in the selection(gray rectangle).
Item is selected even when partially included.

I want to select pad.

Pad also can be selected by by clicking or dragging like an item.

However, please note the difference below. 🙂

👉 Click the top area of the pad, or

✌️Press Shift and drag to include the entire pad in the selection.
Please note that pad is not selected if it is not entirely included in selection.

How can I select multiple items?

With one item selected,

👉 click the item you want to additionally select

✌️ Press Shift and drag to include

💡 Want to select all the items and pads on the board?

Try using keyboard shortcut.
Ctrl + A (for Windows), Cmd + A (for Mac)

How about unselect?

👉 Press esc key on your keyboard,

✌️ click on other parts such as canvas or toolbar, or

🤟 activate other tool with press T, S, etc on your keyboard

Items that were previously selected will be deselected.