Shape tool in toolbar

Marimba provide 5 kinds of shape for you to draw a simple flowchart or diagram

How can I draw shape?

There are three ways.

👉 Activate the shape tool

  • Select one of the shape on drawing toolbar, or
  • Press keyboard shorucuts to activace.
    • O(Oval), R(Recrangle)

✌️ On drawing toolbar set the options below

  • Stroke color and fill option
  • Stroke thickness
  • type of the stroke

🤟 and freely drag to draw shape.
If you press Shift key while drawing, 1:1 ration shape is drawn.

I want to create shape filled with color.

On the color panel there’s a fill option toggle button on the right side when shape tool is activated. Fill option turns on and off every time you click.

  • Fill option on → Filled shape is drawn and fill color is same as stroke color
  • Fill option off → Unfilled shape is drawn

How can I enter text inside shape?

Double-click the shape, and you can type text inside there.

Having trouble with double-clicking?

Select the shape and click once again.

How can I select the shape?

👉 With select tool is activated

✌️ While edit the text inside the shape

I’d like to adjust the size of the shape.

Select the shape and you can see the small dot in the bottom-right corner of it. Drag that dot and the size of the shape will be adjusted.

If you want to maintain the width:height ratio, press the Shift key of your keyboard while resizing.

I want to move the shape.

Click and drag the shape you want to move.

I’d like to change the style of the shape.

Select one or more shapes and you can see the menu bar.

  • Click the color button of the menu bar to
    • change the stroke color
    • and turn on/off the fill option
  • Click the thickness button to
    • change the stroke thickness among 5 options.
  • Click the type button to
    • change the stroke type among 3 options.
      • solid line, dotted line, or broken line

Did you choose several? You can change the selected items to the same style at once like below.
👉 Color and thickness → Pen drawing, shape and line
✌️ Type → Shape and line
🤟 Fill option → Shape

📍If you select with other items such as text and image, you can’t see the related menu.
If you want to change the color and thickness of several lines, please select only pen drawing, shape, straight line and connection line. ☺️

I want to have more color.

Marimba provide 12 colors for items by defualt.
If you want to have more, press + button at the bottom.

👉 Choose the color you want from the color palette, or

✌️Enter the 6-digit color code

Up to 12 custom colors can be stored.

Right-click on the added color to change or delete the saved color.

I want to erase the shape!

You can delete the shape drawn on the board as follows.

👉 Click erase tool on drawing toolbar

  • Drawing toolbar can be opened by clicking the pen tool on main toolbar.
  • Press E key of your keyboard to activate erase tool quickly.

📍Please note that shape filled with color or text won’t be deleted by eraser.
Only unfilled shape can be erased.

✌️ Select the shape and press the Delete key on your keyboard, it will be deleted immediately. 💥

Did you delete it by mistake?

Don’t panic. Undo with Commnad (Ctrl)+Z and recovery is complete!