Board structure

🪐 Canvas, an infinite space for you to spread your fresh ideas

The gray background of the board is what we call ‘Canvas’. You can place all your items here, including Text, Sticky Notes, and more.
Canvas can be expanded infinitely so that you can gather whatever information you want.

Pad that ties items on the canvas in units, can be created to organize contents on the canvas.

🧰 Toolbar, a bundle of key tools


Marimba provides a complete toolkit to support various online activities such as team workshops, group assignments, design thinking workshops, ice breaking, and retrospectives.

You can use these tools with your team members to edit them simultaneously in real time.

📑 Pad index, the whole story and flow at a glance

보드에 있는 패드 제목을 모아볼 수 있는 패드 목록

You can find a list of pads in the left of the board. You can clearly look at the titles of the pads on the board, check the overall contents of the board and easily move to the exact content if it’s necessary.
Don’t worry you will never get lost on the infinite canvas with this pad index.

🙎‍♀️🙎🙎‍♂️ Look who’s here! User list

보드에 접속한 사람들의 목록입니다.

In the top-right corner of your board, colorful circles are a list of people who are currently accessing the board together.

You are always on the very left, and the others are on the right side of the divider.

  • The color of the circle is given when someone enter the board and it is maintained during connection.
  • When there are more than 6 people (including me) who are connected to the board,
    • only 4 circles are shown
    • and the rest of the people are shown by clicking the +N button.

Click on a specific user in the list to start observing mode.
You can automatically follow their view.

🎥 Need discussion? Quick Video call

Discuss easily and efficiently with a video call that you can start immediately on the Marimba board. You can discuss while looking at the contents of the board together so the communication becomes clear.

Animoji helps you to express your emotions easily, making the meeting smoother.

탐색모드 버튼과 줌 패널

In the bottom-right corner of your board, there are tools that can help you to navigate or zoom in and out of the contents on the board.

  • When you click on the Navigation mode button,
    • Navigation mode allows you to navigate around. You don’t have to worry about changing or deleting the content by mistake.
    • Click once again to go back to default mode so that you can edit the contents of the board, only if you have authority.
  • Zoom panel allow you to change the zoom level,
    • - / + button for zoom out/in
    • Click the number to zoom to 100%.

🔨🔧 Work smarter with supportive tools

In the top-right corner of your board, you can find a ⋯(more).
Find tools that can help you to use marimba board more abundantly here.

  • The beginning of an efficient discussion, timer
  • Make decisions easily and quickly, voting
  • If you want to be with others, Share
  • When you want to save the board content, export
  • When you want to clearly deliver the content, Web publish

💜 We are here to support your happy Marimba time

If you have any questions or need help while using the board, click the ? button on the bottom-right corner of your board.

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  • Marimba guide → Look again at the on-boarding guide.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • 💬 Help us improve → Please send us a message of any inconvenience or improvement ideas.