툴바의 텍스트 툴

How can I create the text?

There are three ways to write down the text on board.

👉 Activate the text tool and click anywhere,

✌️ right-click in a canvas to open context menu and click Add text there

🤟 click the text button on quick input button of structured pad

and text box is created and you can type in there immediately.

How can I edit existing text?

If you want to edit the text that has already been written, double-click the text.
You can add/modify/delete the contents of the text box.

Having trouble with double-clicking?

Select the text and click once again.

How can I select the text?

You can change the format such as color, size, etc. by selecting text on the Marimba board.
Check out how to select text.

👉 With select tool is activated

✌️ While editing the text

I want to style text.

Text menu bar is always on while editing.

텍스트에 스타일 지정하기
  • Text size
  • Bold, underline, strike-through, italic
  • Convert text into link (hyperlink)
  • To do, bulleted list, numbered list
  • Text and background color

Check out the keyboard shortcuts below.

  • Ctrl + B (for Windows), Cmd + B (for Mac) → Bold
  • Ctrl + U (for Windows), Cmd + U (for Mac) → Underline
  • Ctrl + Shift + S (for Windows), Cmd + Shift + S (for Mac) → Strike-through
  • Ctrl + I (for Windows), Cmd + I (for Mac) → Italic
  • [ ] Space bar → To do
  • - Space bar → bulleted list
  • 1 (or any number) . Space bar → Numbered list

I want to move text.

Click and drag the text you want to move.

I’d like to adjust the size of the text area.

Select the text and you can see the small dot in the bottom-right corner of it. Drag that dot and the width of the text area will be adjusted.

The width of the text area is fixed as you set and has as much height as necessary depending on the content.

텍스트박스를 선택하고, 오른쪽 아래 동그라미를 드래그합니다.

I want to delete the text box!

Select the text box and press the Delete key on your keyboard, it will be deleted immediately. 💥

However, don’t forget that the text box won’t not be deleted and will remain empty. 😀

Did you delete it by mistake?

Don’t panic. Undo with Commnad (Ctrl)+Z and recovery is complete!