Just a simple and clear story.

Set a time at the beginning of the discussion, and prevent unnecessary waste.

Marimba timer saves you and your colleagues valuable time 👏

How can I start Timer?

Anyone who has access to the board can set Timer to the desired time.

👉 Click ⋯(more) button on the top-right corner and open timer

✌️ and select the time button

  • 5min, 10min, 15min → to start right away,
  • Custom → to set the exact time.

💡Tip from Marimba

Divide the work you need to do into smaller tasks, and set each time you need 🙂 Like 5 minutes for ‘Ideation’, 3 minutes for ‘Read all’ and 1 minutes for ‘Voting’!
You can concentrate on the meeting without wasting time.

I want to start with the time I want.

👉 Click Custom button, and you can see the detail setting window.

Custom time setting

✌️ Set the hour, minute and second, and press the Start button to start immediately ⏳

  • Click the hour, minute and second box to enter
    • enter exact number with number on your keyboard
    • press up and down arrow key on your keyboard
    • or click the up and down button

Made mistake?

Don’t panic and press the Reset button to initialize.

I want to hide the timer window.

When timer is in progress, there’s a timer button on the top-right corner of the board.

Click timer button to collapse the timer window and click again to expand it.

Even when timer window is collapsed timer won’t stop, so hide it when you want to widely view the board 😉

Click the timer button to show and hide timer window

I’d like to to stop the timer.

👉 Pause (which can be Resume)

Pause and resume the timer

Resume when timer is puased → Timer restarts

✌️ Stop for completely finish.

Stop timer to turn off the timer

You can always pause or stop the timer even for the timer started by someone else.

What happens when timer is over?

Timer will count down 5 seconds before shutdown and then end with an audible notification.

Once Timer is shut down, it’s the same as before.

You can start a new timer anytime, so use it whenever you need it. 🙂