Marimba provides a complete toolkit to support various online activities such as team workshops, group assignments, design thinking workshops, and retrospectives.

You can use these tools with your team members to edit them simultaneously in real time.

🔙 Back to workspace

Click the Marimba logo located on the leftmost side of the toolbar to go to the workspace having current board.

🏷 Board name

Click the board title on toolbar to change it.

📍 Only workspace members can do

↖️ Select tool

The select tool is the most basic tool, a key tool for navigating boards. With select tool, you can select every kind of items including shape, text, image and even pads.

🔤 Text

Create text anywhere you want on board, freely enter the content and apply various styles such as bold, font color or make it as a list.

📝 Sticky note

Sticky notes are like notes we actually use. Write down simple text and visualize them to organize.

🎨 Drawing toolkit

Including pen for free drawing, shape and line tool.

🙂 Sticker

Simply express your intention on the board using stickers that can convey various facial expressions and opinions.

🖼 Image

Various types of image can added on board.

📍 bmp, gif, svg(as static), jpeg, jpg, png, heic, heif, WebP(as static)

🔗 Link

Depending on the type of link, you can add it as a thumbnail, image, or viewer.

📑 Template

Have a look at the various templates that you can get hints about using board and use them right away on board.

It can be a helpful guide when you don’t know how to use infinite board 🤓