Video call

🙁 Video call, material, every link should be managed separately

😐 Go back and forth from window to window to find what you need

😩 Starting with complex authorization, endless screen sharing

No more complicated and difficult video call~👋

Start a handy video call on the board and discuss it effectively while watching the content together.

📍 Up to 16 people can attend a video call on one board.

How can I start video call?

If there is no video call in progress on the board, you can start a new video call.

👉 Click video call button in the top-right corner of your board

✌️ Turn on/off the camera and mic on preview window

  • If you want to set the camera, microphone, and speaker, press the camera & audio setting button.

🤟 Click Start now button and video call start.

What happens if there’s many more people on the board?

Marimba’s video call is for those who want to join. 😀

I want to join the video call.

Is there a video call on the board?

Click the Join button in the top-right corner of your board where the current number of video call attendees is displayed to easily join an ongoing video call.

Can I see who’s in video call?

Mouse over the video call button and you can see the users who are currently attending at a glance. 🙂 The video call button is marked as end while you are in video call and join before attending.

There’s someone that I can hear the voice but can’t see the video.

During a video call, you can always see your video on the right.

Depending on the width of the screen, at least one person to a maximum of eight people can be seen. If you don’t see all participants’ video, click the left and right arrow buttons to see them.

I want to turn on/off my camera and mic. during the call.

During a video call, you can turn the device off or on anytime with the Camera, Mic. button under your video.

When you want to change the device press the setting button on top of your video.

I want to leave video call.

Click the end video call button and select one of the two options below.

👉 If you want to keep video call session after your leaving → leave

Video call are still going after you leave, so no problem even when you want to turn it off and on for a while.

✌️ close your board’s video call → End for all

When you want to end the meeting, End for all is recommended.

You can finish the video call neatly without each attendees effort.

When will the video call end?

👉 The moment the number of attendees reaches zero, or

✌️ someone click End for all button

board’s video call session ends.

You can simply start the video call even after it ended, so please enjoy light and quick video call anytime you need 🚀

👍🎉👋 More lively with animoji!

💡 Marimba provides animated animoji for more interactive video call.

If you hover your mouse cursor over the Animoji icon, you can see which Animoji you can send.

Click on the Animoji you want to send, and the Animoji will be shown on your video so that all the video call attendees can see it.

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋 Marimba’s suggestion

Click on Tada 🎉 Something amazing will happen!