The moment when you need to make a decision after a discussion!
It’s a voting that helps you make the best decision by gathering everyone’s opinions.
You can easily and quickly vote and share the results transparently.

How can I start voting session?

Anyone on board can start a voting session.

Click ⋯(more) button on the top-right corner of your board, and select the Voting to see the voting session window.

And set the options below.

  • Duration
    • 1min, 3min, 5min
  • Votes per persion
    • up to 10
  • and click Start button to start right away~!⏳
    • Board editing is not possible during voting.

Where can I vote?

You can only vote to sticky notes.

Write the candidates on the sticky note and start voting!

How can I place a vote?

During the voting session, you can see the + button on the sticky note.

Mouse over this button, and you can see the - and + button for plus or minus the number of the vote for that sticky note.

The number of votes you gave on each sticky note is displayed as a number, and you can change that before submitting the vote.

During the vote, other collaborator’s cursors are hidden so that you can focus on your my thoughts without being influenced by other people’s opinions.

On voting window,

  • You can check the remaining voting time.
    • If you need more time, press the +1 minute button.
    • When the voting time is over, the contents of the vote so far will be automatically submitted.
  • You can check the number of votes I gave and the total number of votes I have.
  • When you’re done voting, please press the Submit button.
    • After submitting, you can check the votes submitted so far.
    • The submitted voting content cannot be changed.

I want to end the session.

Voting session is closed when

👉 All participants finish voting or

✌️ the set time is up or

🤟 any collaborator manually quit by clicking End for all button.

  • End for all button is on the voting window after submit.

After the vote is over, you can check the results. 🙂

📍 However, when you press the Quit voting button before submitting the vote, the vote will be forcibly terminated.

  • All participants’ votes so far have been deleted
  • and he voting results are not counted.

How can I check the result?

hing the session, voting results will be displayed on the top-right corner of your board.

In the voting results window, you can see all the contents of the sticky notes with more than one vote in the descending order of votes.

Click the specific content to see the sticky note in the board so that you can read context.

I want to save the result.

You can save the voting results in two forms.

👉 It will be automatically saved in the voting result window at the end of the vote.

If there’s a vote result saved on board, there’s a voting button on the top-right corner of your board, between user list and video call button.

Click the voting button to see voting result window.

✌️ Voting result can be saved in the pad.

Click the Clear result & Save as pad button on voting result window,

  • the voting results are clearly organized and saved as a pad
  • and the contents stored in the voting result window will be deleted.

I want to start a new voting session.

Only one vote can be held on the Marimba board.

👉 If there’s a vote result saved on board → Clear result & Save as pad and start new voting session.

✌️ If there’s on going voting session Quit or End for all and start new one.