Web publish

Have important pitch to steak holder or conducting online classes?

Try to use web publish to deliver the contents of the board more concentrated.

You can select only what you need from infinite board and export it to a link that anyone can access.

👉 Click ⋯(more) button on the top-right corner and select web publish

✌️ Select the pad you need

  • Please check the title and thumbnail of the pad and click the one you need.
    • If you click the selected pad again, it will be deselected.
  • Pad title will be on the selected pad area in the order of selection.
    • Drag and drop the each pad title to change order
    • Click X button to deselect.

🤟 Click publish button to complete web publish link creation!

  • Web publish link is opened in new tab.
  • Before publishing, you can check if everithing is in order in preview 🙂

Copy the web publishing link in the way below and forward it to anyone.

👉 Click share button on web publish page,

✌️ Click copy link on web publish sub menu or

🤟 Copy the link manually in the web browser while web publish page is opened

Anyone with this link can access to web publish page.

Only workspace/board members can do.

To protect the contents of the precious board, this menu is hidden for guests, so you don’t have to worry!

I want to update the contents of web publish page.

The content of web publishing is fixed at the time of link creation.

If there’s any updates after publishing, click sync on web publish sub menu.

I’d like to update the web publish page.

Click edit on web publish sub menu and edit web publish window is displayed.

Select or deselect the pad, changing order can be done in here.

Click delete on web publish sub menu and it is deleted immediately 💥

Please remember that everyone can no longer access it anymore.

How can I view the content on web publish page?

👉 Check the contents by turning the page back and forth.

  • Press left, right arrow key on your keyboard, or
  • click < (previous) > (next) button in the left and right center of the screen.

✌️Choose view option.

  • Fit visible is option to view content in the best zoom level to read.
    • In the case of a vertically long page, scrolling can occur.
  • Fit to screen is option to view entire content in screen.