Account setting

🙎‍♀️🙎🙎‍♂️ Settings: view and edit your profile

In the upper right corner of the workspace, you will see a profile circle with the first letter of the user name. Click on the profile circle to go to the Settings screen 🙂

Settings page is composed of Profile and Billing tabs.

👲 Profile

You can check and edit your information on the Profile.

❗ Email address cannot be changed.

Which information can be edited?

👍 User name

You can edit the name you set up when you signed up.


You can add or set a password!

Please check the Set password page for more details. 😀

🤟 Language

You can choose your preferred language, either Korean or English!

The language of Marimba website and the provided template is provided according to your preferred language.

🤙 Role

We are working hard to provide customized support depending on the role.

You can select options like Product manager, Designer, Marketer, Developer, Facilitator, Professor/Teacher, Student and Others.

💵 Billing

You can check and edit your plan in Billing tab.

✨ Now, Marimba is ‘All Free‘ for you! You can use it as much as you want. We’ll let you know when there’s change 🙌