Start with email

Sign up with an existing email address

Step 1. Enter your familiar email address on the sign-up screen and click the Sign up with email button, then verification email will be sent to your inbox!

Step 2. Open the verification email and click on the Verify email button. Then you will be guided to finish sign up process on Marimba.

Step 3. Please agree to the privacy policy and terms of use for service use.

Step 4. Enter the user name to be used on Marimba and password, then click on Create account button ! 👏

❗️ The user name can be up to 50 characters long and contain only one space. BUT, no spaces before or after are allowed. 🙅‍♀️
❗️ Password can be created by combining 3 or more of ‘upper/lower case, numbers, special characters’ between 8-50 characters (no spaces).

Log in with e-mail, super easy!

After entering your email and password on the log-in screen, click the Log in with email button to start marimba!

If you have signed up with a gmail account, you can also log in with Log in with Google!


Forgot password?!

Oops 🙀 You forgot your password?! Don’t worry!

Click on Forgot password at the bottom of the login pop-up, a ‘Reset password‘ link will be sent your email. You can safely set a new password through this link! 👩‍✈️


You can change your password at any time from the profile screen.

Please check the Account setting page for more information regarding your profile. 😀