Start with Google account

You can always start Marimba with your existing Google account 🙂

Sign up with a Google account.

Step 1. Sign in to google via the Sign up with Google button on the sign-up screen

Step 2. Agree to the privacy policy and terms of use for service use

Step 3. Enter the user name to be used on Marimba and click on Create account button! 👏

❗️User name can be up to 50 characters.

Simply log in with a Google account!

You can start Marimba by clicking the Log in with Google button on the log-in screen and logging in to google!


Users who have signed up with Google can only log in with Google by default. After you add a password only once (!) on your Marimba profile, you can also log in by entering your google email address and password. 😄

Please check the Account setting page below for more details. 😀