Login policy

You can only log in with a single account from one browser.
In other words, you cannot login Marimba with multiple accounts from the same browser at a time. 🙅‍♀️

Marimba supports simultaneous login of a single account, which means you can open Marimba from multiple tabs with the same account and work on multiple workspaces/boards at the same time.

Once you login to Marimba with a particular browser, you will be automatically logged in when you access Marimba from multiple tabs on the same browser.
No need to log into Marimba every time when you open Marimba 🤤

However, please be aware that if you log out from one tab or if you log in with another account while working with multiple tabs, it will be applied to other tabs!

When connecting with different browsers on the same PC, you can log in multiple with different accounts for each browser. 🙆‍♀️

In case you have to use two different Marimba accounts, personal account and business account, at the same time, we recommend using different browsers for each account.