Board Information

There are numerous board lists with sections in the workspace.

You can check the following information for each board!


Board Name

When creating a board, you muse enter the board name first.

Once the board is created, any workspace member can rename it.

❗️ The board name can be up to 50 characters and can contain one space. However, space is not allowed before or after the board name. 🙅‍♀️

Update Information

When was this board updated? What’s the board you worked on recently?

You can see the member information and the update date and time that recently updated the board content.

Content Thumbnail

You can preview the entire contents of the board as a single image!

What kind of board was this…?
If you can’t remember just the board name, you can look at the thumbnail. 😇

You can check the overall view of the content in advance in the board list and enter the desired board.

Participant Information

You can check the information of users working on each board right now.

When you decide to have a real-time discussion with your colleagues on a specific board, you can quickly enter the board just by looking at the participant information.