Board List

When you enter the workspace, you can see a list of boards spread out by the list of sections!

👀 Recently Viewed: the boards you are currently using the most

Up to 5 recently viewed boards are provided at the top of the board list for user convenience.

However, the recently viewed boards are only proviced when there are more than 20 boards in the workspace. 🤫

You can manage boards right away through the same menu as the existing boards in the recently viewed board area!


🔤 Board Sorting: sort out the boards in the order you want

Depending on the situation, depending on your needs, are there times when you want to see the boards sorted in the order you want?

Depending on users and workspaces, the Boards can be sorted by setting criteria 😎



Based on the board name, in the order of special characters> numbers (0 ~ 9)> Korean (ㄱ ~ ㅎ)> English (A ~ z),

boards are arranged within each section. However, English is not case sensitive 🙅‍♀️

Last updated

Based on the board content update date and time, the most recently updated board will be placed at the beginning of each section.

Last created

Based on the board creation date and time, the most recently created board will be placed at the beginning of each section.

📌 What information can be found for each board?

You can check the name and update information of the board, a thumbnail of the contents of each board, and the participants currently working on the board.

Please check the board information page for more details 😀