Create board

Any workspace member can create a board at anytime they need.

You can create a boards starting from a scratch, with given templates, or by uploading backed up boards. 😇

Create a new board

Click on New board button at the top of the board list to create a new board.
Or click on the + button in the section where the board will be placed.


If you enter the board name in the board creation popup, the board creation is completed. You will immediately enter the board once the borard creation is completed.

You can also select a proper section when creating board. The new board will be created under the selected section.


Create a board from templates

You can create a board using the templates provided by Marimba.

When creating a new board, you can view the list of templates in a pop-up and you can select a template directly. If you already started working on a board, you can always bring templates from the template button on the toolbar of the board.


Please check the Template page for more details. 😀

Create a board by uploading a backup file

If you have backed up your board and saved it, you can create a board with the same content as the backup file by uploading the backup file directly from the board list.

If you press the expand button of the new board button, you will see a menu where you can load the backup file. Select this menu to upload a file (*.mrbb) in marimba board format. 😉


When the upload is complete, the backed up board is added to the first section.

❗️ Files that do not fit the format (*.mrbb) cannot be loaded! 🙅‍♀️