Manage board

In the workspace, you can not only check board information, but also manage boards through the More button on each board.

It is also possible to move and delete all boards (for the boards created by other members) of the workspace, even if it is not a board that you have created.



Any member of the workspace can change the board name.

❗️ The board name can be up to 50 characters and can contain one space. However, space is not allowed before or after the board name. 🙅‍♀️


You can duplicate and use the board including the contents as it is.
At this time, you can edit the board name and move the section as well.

👮 Administrators can even duplicate boards to other workspaces!

The board members & authority of the newly duplicated board will be initialized.

Move to another workspace

👮 Administrators can move sections to different workspaces!

Boards under the section are also moved, and board members & authority remain as same as the original board. 🙂

Move board another section

You can move board to another section. In addition to this menu, you can easily move through drag&drop.


You can freely move and edit boards made by other members, so please make sure that you move board to the section that fits the topic so that other members are not surprised. 😉


Any member of the workspace can delete all boards.

Please choose carefully to avoid accidentally blowing up precious boards made by other members!

Copy board link

You can directly copy and share the link on the board!

Users can view or edit the shared board depending on the board authority.

It is possible for the shared users to view/edit the board authority. So it is good to check once before sharing 😉

View details

You can check the detailed information, such as created time/user, updated time/user, section name, and board share option, of the board!